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​6 popular rug patterns for a stunning house

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A rug is the short form of a carpet. It can be added to any or every room of the use as per taste and choice. For kid’s room you could opt for a bright cartoon based rugs while a classy rug with modern art designs looks best on bedrooms and living rooms. However, to make the most out of the rug, we need to make sure that we are using it effectively and efficiently. What matters the most in the rug utilization is the placement and the incorporation of this splendid beauty. A rug should be included so smartly and wisely that it does not overpower the other items in the room and still manages to make a special place for itself. Rugs are available in a variety of sizes of that they can fit into even small areas of your house as well. They can be effectively used to enhance or accentuate a planter or coffee table as well. Let us take you over a few ideas that can help you decorate your house in a better way.

Bright & contrasting

Adding colour in any form brings brightness and cheer to the room. It helps to take the room up to a new level. A multi-coloured rug fills the room with many different emotions. They come in varied shapes and patterns. While multi-coloured cartoon rugs are especially suited for kids, modern art and block prints, are ideas for living room and bedroom. So, if you want to highlight your flooring, but do not have a trendy floor tiles design, you can go for a bright rug that is inexpensive than tiles and much more affordable. This temporary floor décor can easily be replaced with other bright and contrasting pattern once you get bored of the previous one. When opting for colourful patterns, try going for larger sizes or size that is suitable as per the room design. If you have mute interiors, with lightly toned sofa, a contrasting rug will cast a brightening effect.

Vintage tiger skin rug

Crouching Tiger Sterling Rugs Nursery/kid's roomAccessories & decoration
Sterling Rugs

Crouching Tiger

Sterling Rugs

The origin of this pattern goes back a long way. In earlier days, a hunter would bring the tiger skin along with the antlers to symbolise his successful day out in the jungle. Since then, this pattern has found a permanent position in our house. Along with a dramatic appeal, this design by Sterling rugs, also brings the feel of a fearless and bold person who resides in that house. These days, ecologically sound versions of rugs are made that recreate the same magic as the original tiger skin. Perfect for a country style or rustic household, these rugs can also be used in modern city apartments for those who have a penchant for wildlife and nature. You need to be extremely brave and fearless to put this rug in your living room to cast a lasting impression on your guests.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style is symbolised by creative artwork and bright colours. Colourful accents are a must-have in a Mediterranean household. They induce closeness and friendliness in the room. These households usually have pale wooden flooring; therefore the use of strictly bright colours accentuates the house pretty well. Apart from the Mediterranean lands, these rugs have travelled all across the world where they are highly preferred for imparting the room a traditional colourful look. They take you back into those Greek houses where colour and compassion go hand in hand. These rugs are available in all shapes and sizes and make a perfect pair against the mute walls and subtle flooring. You can even design your curtains as per the rug design for creating a unified feel.

Soft & subtle design

Just like curtains and bedding, a rug does not always be bright ad contrasting. It can very well be sober and subtle to just act as another accessory of the room. These rugs come in a variety of classic patterns that create a soothing and calming effect. Try going for rugs that blend in well with the interiors and the flooring to impart a harmonious feel. You can select from a variety of fabrics and can choose according to your budget and usage. If you are purchasing a rug for creating an extra seating area, try going for cotton or other soft fabrics, On the contrary, if a rug is used just for highlighting and adding colour, then even synthetic and slippery materials will also do. Earthy colours like brown, orange, beige and shades of white and yellow, blend in well with most of the decors for creating a unified effect.

3-D pattern

Kangan Arora - Kites Mono FLOOR_STORY Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs

Kangan Arora—Kites Mono


Another form of modern rug is the 3-D pattern. The 3-D design has literally swept the world with its craziness and charisma. It has been available in wallpapers, wall colours and now in rug designs as well. The 3-D rugs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and even media rooms. Along with 3-D wall décor they deliver the impact of full-fledged 3-D habitat that in turn gives the impact of an optical illusion. You can even use them in kid’s bedroom for arousing curiosity in the child’s mind, which results in quicker growth. Traditional colours like black and white, gold and blue and even yellow and red make the best 3-D layout for your rug.

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Kid’s favourite

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The Land of Zug

Suzie the Sunbeam

The Land of Zug

Colours, colours and more colours. That’s what a child demands all the time. Colours make them happy. They make them satisfied and keep the playful mood always on. While a child’s room is always embellished with perky colours, adding a rug is another way to bring a delightful touch of colour on the floor as well. For a baby or a toddler you should be extra careful about the size of the rug as the child may trip over the loose ends. For older kids however, use as many and any colour of rug that makes them happy. Use of natural themes, princess rugs or even cartoon characters is a cool way to add colour and character to the room of your younger one. Make sure to keep changing the position of rug or keep rotating between 3-4 favourite patterns for breaking the monotony.

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