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A lovely home for the Indian household

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The home of a person is a reflection of their character and habits just like the way their clothes reflect their personality. If a person is fun loving, then their home is colourful, unusual and will be a cheerful design. And if a person is a serious person, then their home is perhaps dominated by dark colours like black and probably have elegant furniture.

But furniture that is too flashy can get tiring, but the boring designs can be tiring to the senses too. You may like both classic and modern styles. Here we bring you an elegant guesthouse. The most important feature of a home is the refreshing aesthetics of the home with subtle touches and modern textures. Let us start on a fun tour immediately!

Living room

The living areas of this home are dominated by white shades. The white colours of the room are spread evenly on the hardwood floor of the room creating a perfect contrast. The classic design of this modern living room with the backlit alcove instantly lifts the beauty of the room.

A sumptuous dining room

The navy blue, white combination is a classic and is spontaneously eye catching. That is why this colour is often found in extravagant accessories and furniture. Here, this elegant dining room is a successful example of the effectiveness of this combination. Simple, spacious and impressive, this room is all about attention to details. The textured wall decoration and shelves are simply stunning!

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

A staircase design

Stairs, corridors and hallways are all important elements of a room but can end up crowding the space if not properly decorated. Overcrowding this room with furniture can make it uninviting. Leaving the area empty doesn’t look interesting either. Here is a perfect balance of the two. The white and wood of the staircase is extremely inviting

A modern bathroom

This modern bathroom here has all the essentials for a trendy look. Be it the rectangular sink, backlit frameless mirror, wood and white interior and the stylish wardrobe and the stylish bench are all screaming contemporary. The vases of green plants dotting the bench add to the elegance of the bathroom.

A cosy balcony

The balcony here is complete with graceful white furniture against the hardwood flooring. Comfortable, elegant and inviting, this balcony is peaceful and inviting.

Checkout 8 creative ideas to decorate your balcony here.

We hoped you enjoged the home from Turkey with elegant decorations. Try them and share your comments.
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