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7 pooja cabinets for a small home

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Meditating and praying is a divine and therapeutic process that most Indian families imbibe as part of their daily routines. Whether in a pooja room or a small mandir located in the corner of a room, certain areas of the home are undoubtedly dedicated to the divine. It is thought of as a retreat into the spiritual realm where peace and solitude persist. However, it is not always feasible to create a separate Pooja room in every home due to space constraints. Instead, you can try devoting a small yet significant area or corner of your house to act as a mandir or pooja area. Visit these 7 humble designer Pooja room cabinets that will work well for a small home. 

1. White marble pooja cabinet for the house




White marble creates a serene ambiance which is a necessity for a pooja room or space. This pooja cabinet rests on a white slab that does not consume a lot of space. The structure of the cabinet is such that it provides storage space for your pooja essentials.

2. Pooja cabinets enclosed within glass walls for your house

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal) SPACE RACE ARCHITECTS Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs

Residence at Lajpat Nagar Jalandhar (Bantu Sabhawal)


Here lies a unique and alluring design that captivates you with the level of detail that has gone into creating it. A white cabinet with artistically carved legs hosts a deity that is enclosed within a glass casing.

Here are 10 mandir designs for a small home.

3. A lovely pooja cabinet for your home

GSP Interiors Space Collage Modern living room
Space Collage

GSP Interiors

Space Collage

If you would like to display images of deities then a sleek and flat cabinet would be the best option for you. You can place diyas, artis, thalis and other items on the slim slab while lighting can exonerate the area like never before.

4. Wooden pooja cabinets for your home

If closed cabinets do not work for your housing style, try an open cabinet such as this. You can place several deities and your Pooja supplies all at a single place. With the use of shelves or racks you can created an elevated space which is undoubtedly charming.

6. A pooja cabinet in the kitchen of your home

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda Happy Homes Designers KitchenCabinets & shelves
Happy Homes Designers

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda

Happy Homes Designers

Having a pooja cabinet in the kitchen is also a wonderful idea if you can't find space for one elsewhere. The cabinet is in continuum with the red and white theme that the kitchen so charmingly carries off. A single shelf divides the cabinet in two allowing for ample space in the pooja cabinet.

7. Charcoal wood pooja cabinet at the entrance of your home

Pooja unit design homify Asian style living room

Pooja unit design


Two boards and a drawer is all you need to create this divine and beautiful space. The counter above the drawer can be used to place any deity or Pooja thali as per your need. 

More inspiration on how to create a mandir in just about any space right here.

8. A pooja cabinet that ascends on the wall of your house

This pooja space makes use of a solitary teak wood cabinet upon which deities are placed. The wall of the area is made of shelves or racks that serve as bases for other pooja essentials. You can also have them lined with deities and idols such as this design.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of the best pooja design cabinets. Until next time!

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