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Cabinets usually form one of the most striking and attractive feature of a kitchen. There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet. Whether you need to update the basic cabinet lying beneath the slab end on the kitchen island or wish to install an easy to hang and handle cabinets to showcase your fine china, there is no dearth of designs and choices absolutely. 

Give your cooking area a new look, without a need of complete remodeling of the existing design. Simply, just replace the hardware and you are done. Here are some brilliant and latest designer trends from the world of kitchen cabinets for Indian home. Have a look at them for some inspiration. 

1. Simply wooden

Wood has long been the ultimate favorite in Indian houses. Wooden cabinets in kitchens are also a big hit. Stack them just below the wall to make your kitchen look non-congested. A small cabinet on side will help to keep the regular essentials at thier place. 

2. Contrasting gradients

A dark themed kitchen is hard to maintain as no one wants to make the area look dim and depressing. Look at this kitchen cupboard design that combines two different gradients and shades to relate to the theme of counters as well as the walls. 

3. Glass and boards

Steel and wooden boards are lightweight but durable option to build a kitchen cabinet. Using glass, semi transparent or fully transparent, will not only help you check the ingredients within the almirah, but also looks aesthetically beautiful. 

4. Blue glossy design cabinet

If you look at the cabinets right below the counter of this kitchen, you can see how charming these night blue glossy cabinets look. Try sliding door options if you want to save the space and get the convenience of quick opening and closing of cupboards.

5. Ceramic inspired designs

These white kitchen cupboards look a lot like white ceramic tiles that are often used in kitchen or bathroom. The furnishing is brilliant and the outcomes, beautiful and satisfying. 

6. Bright and bold

Black is classy but overdoing it in interiors never works. Thus, give a touch of any other bold and bright color with it. Here, we can see how yellow cupboard doors elaborate the beauty of the cabinets and enliven the cooking area.

7. Glass window cabinets

Glass window cabinets might require regular cleaning due to dust and dirt but they are really, really helpful as they allow you to have a sneak peek of inside materials without opening them. Using dark shade frames around the glass will keep you from high end maintenace and cleaning.

8. Printed boards

These days, it is not very hard to find printed boards for cabinet designing. However, you should keep the print elements well in balance with the plain elements to create a non dramatic cooking area. Here, one layer of cabinets is plain and classy whereas the other displays prints and shades that look phenomenal. 

9. Cupboards with glass doors

Glass doors of cupboards are a rare sight as they are fragile and have high maintenance demand. However, for a kitchen that lives on white and black, it is best to keep other colors like brown and silver away. Use glass kitchen units to keep the transparency and class quotient on a high.

10. Dramatic cupboards

If there is any color that justifies its presence in kitchen fully then it is red, always. It is known to increase the appetite and looks amazing as well. So, do not shy away from using the same theme in your kitchen. Pair it against white or black to keep the dramatic factor low. 

11. Regular style

This one is the most regular and common kitchen cabinet style in Indian houses. No doubts, it looks best and suits all type of kitchens. 

Have a look at some brilliant kitchen designs from this link.

12. Wider and flat cabinets

Instead of adding height to the cabinets to create multiple levels, you should get wider and flat cabinet designs. You will get access to the placed items easily and they add height to the kitchen area as well. 

Some more cabinet designs

If you are looking for elegant and spacious kitchen cupboard designs then this might just be the right choice. Here, what instantly catches your eye is the contrasting colour combination as it not only adds visual interest but also helps to separate the different areas of your fine Indian kitchen. Moreover, the handle-less construction of the cabinets enhances the overall modern appeal of the kitchen.

If you wish to make optimal utilisation of the limited space of your kitchen then these kitchen cabinets can definitely serve your purpose. Designed by expert kitchen planners, the smart construction of the cabinets displays how you can make the proper use of the corner space of your modular kitchen while lending a trendy touch. Also, their smooth pull-out design allows you to conveniently open and close them multiple times in a day.

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