12 interesting changes to make in your house in 2017

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New Year is time for new resolutions that are generally forgotten within a couple of weeks or months. This new year why not try something innovative like taking a rethink about your home décor and giving it a modern twist. Depending on the budget that is available, you can opt for either partial or complete renovation or only redecoration.

From the countless ideas available both online and offline home renovation and redecoration are easy to carry out if one engages the right professionals to plan and carry out the changes. We have summarized a few key points that you can implement to manage the forthcoming summer that is due in a couple of months and the festivals of colors that is almost here.

1. Decorate your terrace

Landscaped terrace Ansari Architects Modern balcony, veranda & terrace Plant,Building,Window,House,Grass,Flooring,Residential area,Real estate,Fixture,Facade
Ansari Architects

Landscaped terrace

Ansari Architects

It is time to clean up your terrace that was ignored due to chill winds of winter and remove all the debris accumulated over the months. Terrace is a great place to spend mornings and evenings during spring and summer as the outdoor air is clean and refreshing during this period. Give your terrace a green makeover this year with deck, houseplants and colorful lighting like this to entertain friends and family.

2. Clean up the backyard pool

The earth and star, Archtype Archtype Modern pool Plant,Plant community,Sky,Natural landscape,Tree,Leisure,Grass,Chair,Landscape,Table

The earth and star


When you have a pool in the garden it is perfect for the upcoming summer to just sit around or enjoy a cool dip before sleep. It would have been ignored during winter and would certainly have leaves and dead branches when surrounded by a garden. The best option would be dredge up all the water and clean up thoroughly before refilling the water. You could use this time to also remove all dead plants, branches and leaves in the garden and start new plantation for spring and summer.

3. Corridor or art gallery

Fine art wallpaper for exclusive wall decor with custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. Walls and Murals wallsandmurals Modern style bedroom Paper White FINE ART WALLPAPER,FINE ART WALLPAPER F,Accessories & decoration

Fine art wallpaper for exclusive wall decor with custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. Walls and Murals


Got an empty wall that has become a little discolored in either the living room or corridor then wallpaper is a great option to pep up the walls. You can either choose soothing landscapes or action sequences like these to turn your modern living room into an art gallery.

4. Get a garden in the bathroom

Plants make a bathroom look cheerful and refreshing irrespective of its size and also keep the region fresh by absorbing toxic vapors and chemicals in the air. If the bathroom does not have direct sunlight then you may have to take them out for daily for a few hours but that is a small price to pay for the advantages that in-house plants provide like reducing stress and anxiety besides increasing humidity.

5. Get new wooden furniture

Wood has a timeless charm that adds class and grandeur to any décor. This combination of cupboards and dining set that are designed by same carpenter for similarity in color and design fills the modern dining room with elegance and sophistication.

6. Outdoor ceiling fan

As summer approaches most people spend time outdoors than indoors like a balcony or veranda. It is best to set up a fan in the area like here for a more relaxed environment and keep away mosquitoes and flies.

7. Indoor garden

Teak Horizontal Vertical Garden Living Interiors UK ArtworkOther artistic objects
Living Interiors UK

Teak Horizontal Vertical Garden

Living Interiors UK

Houseplants and indoor gardens below staircases are a great way to refresh your interior as it allows you to fit as little greenery into a small space as possible. If you lack floor space for an indoor garden then fit them into a window or wall like the one shown here to enhance your empty corridor or gallery.

8. Invest in a balcony cane swing

The Balcony with Cane Swing Urban Shaastra Modern garden Plant,Property,Window,Furniture,Curtain,Building,Shade,Wood,Textile,Chair
Urban Shaastra

The Balcony with Cane Swing

Urban Shaastra

Most of the time Indian households use balcony as either storage area for unwanted tools, furniture and other waste or space to dry out clothes. But we urge you to change those traditional practices from this year and try out something stylish like a swinging cane chair on a chain and colorful flower-pots with seasonal flowers that can renew all of the air on the balcony.

9. Give your kitchen a makeover

pvc modular kitchen in hosur pvc kitchen cabinets in hosur balabharathi balabharathi pvc interior design Modern kitchen Plywood Wood effect pvc interior hosur,pvc wardrobes,pvc kitchen,kitchen cabinets,moudlar kitchen,pvc cupboard,pvc doors,Cabinets & shelves
balabharathi pvc interior design

pvc modular kitchen in hosur pvc kitchen cabinets in hosur balabharathi

balabharathi pvc interior design

If you presently own a kitchen with open shelves and have sufficient funds to improve its ambience then 2017 is the best time to give it a stylish makeover with PVC modular furniture. These cabinets and shelves look like solid wood and have a smart finish with shiny veneer that can add gloss and charm to your classic kitchen.

10. Recreate lighting details

Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Tambour Red Hanging Lamp Sylvn Studio Modern living room Brown Lighting
Sylvn Studio

Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Tambour Red Hanging Lamp

Sylvn Studio

An inexpensive way to give a trendy home makeover is to change the lighting arrangement and give it an air of sophistication and elegance. This colorful handmade drop down lamp made out of recycled materials like cardboard and wire is the perfect object to take home for creating a cozy dining area for candlelight dinners. The unique grinding process for the manufacturers use for cutting and shaping the raw materials enhances the glow of light within the lamp.

11. Replace curtains with natural wood blinds

Natural Shades, Woven wood Blinds, Louverline Blinds Louverline Blinds
Louverline Blinds

Natural Shades, Woven wood Blinds

Louverline Blinds

All of us are aware of harsh Indian summers that are capable of causing even exterior paint to fade off from buildings so one can imagine the fate of curtains!!! Why not replace them with something unique like these wooden blinds that keep out the sunlight and give a stylish background to your furniture. For a classic style living room like this these blinds area perfect window treatments that add glamor to even the simplest   furniture.

12. Colorful cotton bed-linen

After packing up all the heavy quilts and rugs it is time to give your bedroom a colorful change. Now is the best time to get bargains by most large stores as they try to get rid of old stock allowing you to buy textiles and furnishings that were expensive earlier.

To ensure that all your home decoration projects are completed with perfection here are Vaastu principles to design your home for a fabulous 2017

Which of these ideas do you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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