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When you have a standalone structure for a house then its exterior façade become as important as interiors as its design and layout speaks volumes about what onlookers can expect when they step into the house. Weather a façade is designed in conventional modern, rustic or classic styles or unconventional industrial style the focus should always be on creating an impressive entrance. Today a wide variety of materials like glass, stone, concrete, wood and metal are used to decorate facades in an impressive manner. In this ideabook we present 13 creative façade ideas designed by our professionals that can be easily applied any house to make its exteriors impressive.

1. Classical lines and angles

The good old classic style facade will never go out of style, with its moldings, sloping ceilings and tiled roof. The neutral exterior shade and large entrance door created from glass and wood with traditional stone steps leading to it make the classic house and elegant entrance look incredible.

2. Illuminated from within

With lights leading up from the lawn pathway to the entrance door, this facade is bright and colorful that attracts attention from a distance. Twinkling colorful lights placed on every step of the pathway and on the walls are the strength of this facade along with  colorful layout of stained glass beside the entrance door. The garage besides the house completes the grandeur of this modern house.

3. Integration with nature

This trendy industrial style house that artistically blends interiors with enchanting green surroundings. The design that is both modern and homely which integrates itself to the landscape by means of great glass facade and a well-designed frontal garden, allowing owners to enjoy the lovely panorama.

4. Oval beauty

A heady mixture of full and half circles makes up this extravagant structure that is home with a facade of glass and cement. The soft toned lighting around the trees in the lawn and from within that envelopes the house with a soft glow. The best feature of this home includes strategic transparencies that make it look sensational.

5. A heady mix of bright colors

Row houses that have the same design and structure need something unique to distinguish them from each other. These colourful tones that cover a prominent section of the all-white façade a touch of enchantment to these houses that are the same from grilled boundary wall and gate to the glass frontage at the entrance.

6. Mediterranean charm

Owners of vast property that can afford to have a vast lawn and garden before their house can use a statement swimming pool as a part of the facade to create an impressive setup. The shimmering blue pool set amidst palm trees and colorful flowers can be used as a swimming pool or a pond for colored fish to bring Mediterranean style charm to this home set below an azure blue sky.

7. Sparkling white facade

With large windows and impressive white columns this facade grabs our attention largely due to its unassuming sophistication. An emerald green lawn with stately bushes that stretch upwards into the sky, bring stylish contrast to the region creating a facade that cannot be surpassed easily.

8. Poetry in stone

The stone wall blends harmoniously with the wooden doors and windows to create a simple façade that blends into the charming surroundings. The large columns that hold the veranda roof and create an interesting sit-out give the façade a Grecian air.

9. Impressively neutral

A simple and neutral facade made with glass, concrete and metal can be as attractive as any other. Besides the beige and white toned walls, the most striking part of the facade is its transparent design comprising of white grilled garage and glass fronted windows and balcony.  The addition of a small garden from curb to the entrance door gives the house a warm and welcoming appearance.

10. Colorful red

Like the classic style, the colonial style is an option that has not gone out of fashion and has been adapting to modern times in a stylish way. Arches, intense colors contrasted with accent moldings, wood details and fountains make this home a structure of personality and charm.

11. Absolute privacy

People that have homes which are located close to a busy road prefer to have a facade like this which offers complete privacy by blocking visual access to all sections of the house from the street. This facade is one such structure which has a high boundary wall and garage before it that give both security and robustness to the residence.

12. Elegant mixture of earthy materials

The combination of earthy materials comprising of concrete, metal and wood never fails to impress and you can see a stylish example here. Designed with concrete and metal the façade comprises of a boundary wall fitted with steel shutter and wooden entrance door that lead into the house.

13. A tree lined welcoming facade

Integrating nature into the facade of a home is as important as bringing greenery indoors as it creates a pleasant and welcoming ambience. A light toned stone boundary wall and grey garage door would have looked dull and uninspiring expect for the presence of trees here that make the facade pleasing to the eye.

If budget is constraining your desire to have an impressive facade then here are Facade designs of home built with tiny budgets.

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