26 pictures of fences for safety and aesthetics

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To make a lasting impression on your guests it is essential to have a beautiful front porch or a garden. The best way to enhance its appeal is by adding designer fences that will help demarcate your premises from its surrounding areas. 

Here are 26 different fencing styles that will surely make your home stand out.

1.Horizontal metal bars

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If you are looking for a simple yet chic design, then we recommend opting for these painted metal bars. It allows you to see between both separate areas giving an illusion of space.

2. Classic wooden fence

If you prefer a refined and subtle look for your garden then try wooden fences like these which never go out of style.

3. Geometrical designs

To create a more unique looking fence you can always try out geometrical designs. Like the designer in this picture has constructed a facade that has mini diamond cutouts in the entire panel.

4. Traditional iron fence

For added security and demarking your private space, you can always go with traditional wrought iron gates and fences.

5. Curved fences

To increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and garden opt for curved fences like this one.

6. Stone and wrought iron facade

Made by combining sections of stones and wrought iron, fences like these will give you the feeling of space and are long lasting as well

7. Iron grills

The most easily available and affordable fences are iron grills. They can be used in lawns and also in the balconies.

8. Wide Pallets

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To make your space look bigger and to ease out the transaction from indoors to outdoors use similar wide pallets to create fences.

9. Half and half

Realizacja ogrodzenia 16, Armet Armet Classic style garden Fencing & walls

Give your home a more Victorian mansion like feel by using low stone walls and horizontal iron spiers.

10. Waves

Another great way to combine your outdoors to the lawns is by using these wide vertical waves or curves, which allows proper ventilation.

11. Designer iron

Realizacja ogrodzenia 15, Armet Armet

If you have decided to use iron as your fencing material then sprucing it up with such designs can be a great way to increase its overall beauty.

12. Wooden and jute

Fences created for areas that are away from direct sunlight can be designed using wooden panels and jute knitted centers.

13. Glass

Glass is the most suitable material for constructing demarkers for high-rise decks, as it does not interfere with the outdoor views.

14. High vertical

Realizacja ogrodzenia 10, Armet Armet Classic style garden Fencing & walls

For a more elegant look going with high metal fences like these can work wonders. It will brighten the garden and will also increase the airflow.

15. Sliding partitions

If you are looking to save some space and want convenient maneuvering of the partitions then using sliders or rolling fences is highly recommended.

16. Low-rise horizontal

There are many areas in the house itself that need to be demarcated from each other like our garden and parking. Such low rise fences can be the perfect option for similar purposes.

17. Barn style

For a rustic barn feel you can always create these wooden fences that use only two wide panels placed between stone pillars.

18. Low rise iron grills

If you own a simple little place like shown in the picture then keeping your fencing style low-rise is ideal as it helps make your house low bigger.

19. Long and short iron spiers

You can easily create designer fencing for your garden with a minimal budget by alternating one long and one short iron spier throughout the horizontal area.

20. High-rise wooden panels

To completely cordon off your premises from other public areas around you using such wooden panels can be an excellent idea.

21. Slim horizontal panels

There are fences that are only used to beautify a specific area and if you too are looking for such options then try out these slim horizontal panels. They can be made from both wood and metal.

22. Country style

To keep it simple and clean you can use brown wood country-side fencing system. It replicates handmade traditional design to take you back in time.

23. Concrete walls

If you want to create solid boundaries around your house then constructing concrete walls or blocks or walls i sthe right way to go.

24. Geometric squares

There are numerous geometric designs that you can choose from and one of them is this fence made by aligning small squares together.

25. Stone grills

If money is no constraint then using stone carved panels is something that you must try. It will not only separate your desired area but will also make your garden look grand.

26. Concrete high and low

A modern house is something that we all dream of and to make your place just like than you can create such unique fences.You can start by using high-rise walls and then placing low-rise iron grills on them. 

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