10 contemporary living rooms you'll love

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Marcella Loeb Modern living room
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The living room is easily one of the most used places in our homes. We spend most of our time there relaxing and recharging after a long day. Naturally, the space should feel comfortable and functional, and at the same time be an expression of our own unique style. 

There is so much that goes into making the living room a cozy place to hang out. From colour schemes and decor options, to furniture, flooring and textures, there is so much to consider. That's what makes it a great room to get creative in and showcase your signature style. Soak up a little inspiration from our list of contemporary living rooms that reflect fresh modern characteristics.

1. Natural elegance

The living room is host to an eye-pleasing array of materials, from the soft charcoal suede of the couch to the organic textures in the wooden coffee table to the elegantly plush area rug that defines the living room space. A contemporary fireplace draws a bold contrast with white and black squares, under a wooden ceiling offers a delightful variety of brownish hues. Overall, this living room is a fine example of a Unit 7's ability to create a crisp, contemporary space that still retains an earthy, organic character.

- with files from Sarah Tolle

2. Stunning skylights

West Hawk Lake Interior Unit 7 Architecture Modern living room
Unit 7 Architecture

West Hawk Lake Interior

Unit 7 Architecture

Having skylights in the living area is a fantastic way to open up the room making it feel much bigger and brighter. In this example it feels as if the skylight flows like a continuation from the windows. 

3. Bursts of colour

We really love the strategic bursts of colour displayed in this living room. The yellow shade in the decorative pillows, decor and wall art create a wonderful symbiosis in this space. For more ideas on ways you can incorporate different colours and textiles into a room, be sure to look at these ideas for inspiration.

4. Complimentary tones

When choosing a colour for the walls it's important to consider the how it will function with the rest of the room. For example, will the patterns in the furniture clash with the paint choices in the room? Will the decor compliment the tones found in the room? Here we see a great example of contrasting colours in the indigo and turquoise walls. Bold colour choices are a great option when deciding to go with softer textures and fabrics in the furniture.

5. Art deco

Getting creative with wall art and decor is a great way to add your own spin on things. The cool art deco look in this living room gives this space a fun vibe. It goes to show you that you don't have to stick to the rules when creating a modern setting. Sometimes having more vibrant colours in the decor and furniture can make more sense when trying to achieve a contemporary look.

6. Thoughtful composition

This room has some great chemistry going on. We love the thoughtful composition of colour and textures happening in the room. The purple couch creates wonderful symmetry with the abstract painting on the wall. Opting for tall flat white ceilings make it feel ultra chic and open in here.

7. A fun feature wall

When deciding on the appropriate design for a living room you can keep things simple and choose a neutral scheme with softer earth tones if the idea of too many bold colours scare you. If this is so, then you can create a feature wall with a specific pattern or design. There are many options when it comes to wallpaper and textures you can use.

8. View with a room

A large window always does a nice job of opening up the space, making it feel bright and spacious inside. The lovely view of the lush green trees take away the need for additional clutter and decor. The minimalist approach works well in this example.

9. Experiment with texture

This aztec rug creates good contrast with all the white and neutral colours we see in this room. Sometimes it's as easy as using vibrant colours in the decorative pillows or a snazzy rug to add the right amount of texture where it needs to be.

10. Fun with functionality

A living room shouldn't just look appealing to the eye, it should feel like a cozy place to hang out while serving a functional purpose. This a great example of such a case. Here we see the built in home office in the back of the room, with lots of space at the front for a projector screen and guitar. It's all about making the space uniquely you in all shapes and forms.

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We hope you found this list useful and inspiring. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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