15 pictures of doors and gates that will leave your visitors stunned

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Your main entrance gate is the first thing anyone notices about your home. It is time to pay attention to your entrance gate and it is unwise to ignore it otherwise.

Carry over the style of your gate throughout the home so your visitors see the grandeur that they witnessed in the entrance.

1. Appearance matters

The materials that give your door its structure matter a lot. Plan in advance over the materials you are planning to use and then install the gate.

2. You can never go wrong with wood

Wood is one material that goes with every style, be it traditional or modern. Install wooden gates reinforced with steel or other materials for strength.

3. Is that two small doors or a one big unit?

Invoke curiosity with a door that made looks like a single large block that is made of two smaller units. Watch the wonder on your visitors’ face!

4. The versatile black

Add modernity and elegance to your entrance with black gates that protect and inspire awe

5. A gate that rotates 90 degrees

Even the simplest of designs can be given a twist (literally!) to modernise your home. Look at this gate here that dazzles by spinning 90 degrees to surprise your visitors.

6. A simple door in a spectacular setting

Even the simplest of forms can look appealing with a little creativity. This simple door protects and at the same time its beauty is bolstered by decorative pieces that match in pattern and colours.

7. Balance it out

Bring about a modernism about your entrance by balancing out everything around your door, from the façade to the roof. The shape, size and colours can be matched for s stunning entrance into your home.

8. Hide and seek a little!

Safety is a must in every home. But that does not mean you block out your home from the outside world. Instead, create a little curiosity by installing a gate with patterns that allows a little sneak peek of your home but ensures total security at the same time.

9. Keep it simple, silly!

Do not over decorate your entrance gates. Keep it minimal and do not take “less is more” slightly.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

10. Shapes that bring the looks

You can have a gate with a neutral tone but can still make it attractive by rendering shapes that play with light.

11. A majestic door

Remember, the entrance door is all about security. Install a solid piece, but it need not be boring. This door here is majestic and its presence is formidable.

12. Match your gate to your façade

It is paramount that the gate to your entrance matches your façade. Here is a beautiful entrance to a home where the ceiling strategically is extended a bit in the front.

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13. Play with colours

Why not be a little colourful with your gates? Have fun and install gates in bold colours that stand out. But, just remember that the simplest forms look the best in colours.

14. Bolster your door

Sometimes, your entrance door is small and goes unnoticed and its appearance is not in your control. But that does not mean you cannot have fun! Install such adornments that border your door so your door gets the attention it deserves.

15. Black and white

Modernity means elegance and what is more elegant than the classic black and white combination!

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15 Doors and gates that will leave your visitors stunned! Try them and share your comments.

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