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Every house has a space which is quite challenging to use. So, it usually happens that either this space remains unused or over a period becomes a dumping space. Well… not anymore! We at Homify are here to stimulate your creativity and give ideas to convert this unused space into a beautiful garden.     

Why a garden? The answer is that who doesn’t love a garden! Your dream to have a garden in your home could be realized even if you don’t have a proper lawn or gardening space in your home. Take a cue from this ideabook, and create a small garden in unused spaces of your house.

Don’t believe me? Just have a look at these 10 images and get inspired.

The window from outside

The plants can elevate the look of your house instantaneously. You can use planters to create a small garden just outside the large windows of your house. This space otherwise is of no use. But the moment you turn it into a green space, your neighbors will surely copy it.

Above the garage

Isn’t the garage the most neglected area of a house? You can change that impression by simply turning the area above the garage door into a beautiful garden. What instantly grabs our attention in this image is the greenery. It’s only later we realise that it is just above the garage door.

​Between the pillars

It is a creative use of a useless space. The boring pillars erected as a protective fence has become exciting just by placing plants in between them. Throw a party for family and friends here and be admired for your creativity.

​The Pathway

Create a small garden on the side space of pathway. You can use planters for it. If the walk is along the colorful flowering plants and a few trees, no one would mind a little narrowing of the pathway.

The green corridor

Instead of hanging obvious painting on the wall, create a vertical garden in the corridor of your house. It will look strikingly amazing.

Below the stairs

Create a small garden under the stairs and bring nature right into your home. Trust us, you cannot find a better use of this space. Choose the plants depending upon the amount of sunlight this area gets.

​The entrance door

You can turn the small space just outside the entrance door into a garden. Planters, pots and a small garden will make your entrance look green, beautiful and welcoming.

​The window pane

Create your own beautiful garden on the window pane. This space, in any house, has no use. Just imagine how beautiful your house will look when the flowers are in full bloom.

Internal courtyard

If you have taken the balcony of your house inside to extend the living room, make it appealing. What could be more appealing than a beautiful small garden! A small garden could be created along the walls of courtyard. It will make this area desirable. The pergolas above will bring in natural lights for the plants to flourish.

Bathing in nature

Ever thought of taking your bath or using toilet facilities in your own private natural space? Imagine maneuvering your path everyday through a small garden while going for bath or watching the greenery while seated on the toilet seat. You might have winged visitors too from above.

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Which innovative idea inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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