How to decorate your home in Mediterranean style?

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The Mediterranean style is reminiscent of the coast and is quite similar to tropical designs, hence it is quite apt for Indian homes. In terms of popularity, the Mediterranean design is trendy worldwide because of its widely appreciated style. It it is not difficult to achieve the Mediterranean look or style in your home when you know the essentials. This idea guide is here to give you some tips on how to decorate your home in Mediterranean style. 

Let's browse through these tips and be inspired to travel with interior design. We hope you will find some helpful ideas here. 

Neutral colors on the walls and roof

eclectic Houses by Wildblood Macdonald
Wildblood Macdonald

Residential Development, West Yorkshire

Wildblood Macdonald

Neutral colors on the walls and roof are a signature trademark of Mediterranean style houses. Use earthy colours such as different hues of browns or terracotta colors, and avoid intense, bright colors or cool colors such as green and blue. A rough brick wall like the one pictured here suits the Mediterranean look more compared to a polished, glossy finish. Last but not least, the color of the roof should not be too contrasting to the color of the walls. 

Wood and wrought iron furniture

 Garden  by Orientflair

Mozaïektafel 'Bordeaux-Ruit' 60x60cm


Wood and wrought iron furniture is typical of the Mediterranean style. Although it looks more like garden furniture, it is trendy and stylish when used inside the house as well. Pictured here, we see the wooden table top replaced with Mediterranean style tiles. If you're looking for more color and pattern, then this option might be better than using a wooden table top. 

Paintings or pictures of the sea

 Artwork by Amy and Kurt Berlin
Amy and Kurt Berlin

A4 Artprint Sunset

Amy and Kurt Berlin

As we mentioned earlier, the Mediterranean design is reminiscent of the coast. So, a house decorated in Mediterranean style would not be complete without paintings or pictures of the sea. This beautiful piece of artwork pictured here seems to be a mixture of both a picture and a painting, which gives it an interesting effect. The waves in the sea are realistic with the sun rays shining a light on them, while an abstract red sunset creates a contrast with the dark blue sea. 

Decorative elements made of natural materials

tropical Living room by Bamboe design
Bamboe design

Palmblad lamp

Bamboe design

Decorative elements made of natural materials such as this decorative lamp pictured here is one way of decorating the house according to a Mediterranean theme. Although this decorative lamp has a Balinese touch to it which is very tropical, it suits the Mediterranean style as well.This beautiful lamp is made out of a palm tree and is available from Bamboe design, based in Ravenstein, Netherlands. 

Mediterranean style tiles

 Walls & flooring by Dekory Nati
Dekory Nati

Dekory Wzory

Dekory Nati

Mediterranean style tiles often have patterns like the tile pictured here and are colored in terracotta colors. You can add the tiles to any space you like, whether it's the kitchen wall or bathroom floor. A patchwork of different Mediterranean style tiles would also be interesting. A mosaic table top of tiles is another option and possibly an interesting DIY project. 

Browse through Mediterranean style tile designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Colorful handmade objects

tropical Living room by homify

Coral bowl


Colourful handmade objects such as this coral colored ceramic shallow bowl will give your home the Mediterranean touch you desire. The hypnotic designs densely hand-painted in contrasting patterns are interesting and visually stimulating. Hand-painted terracotta pots and planters are also another great way to get the Mediterranean feel at home.

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide on how to decorate your home in Mediterranean style. For more related ideas and inspiration, have a look at 6 Mediterranean architecture tips for the home

Which idea did you like best? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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