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Have you got a secret attention-seeking streak? Perhaps you have a suppressed desire to be constantly at the centre of attention? Well, fret not—there is a socially acceptable route to indulging those wishes, and it doesn't involve you becoming a performance artist or a clown. The solution, dear friends (and keep this to yourself, or else everyone will be at it), is to channel that need to be looked at into your interior designs. That's right—just get your mitts on a few key pieces that simply have to be commented upon, and even your most aesthetically oblivious acquaintances will feel the need to ask you about their origins. Voila—decorative, social, and spiritual fulfillment. OK, maybe not spiritual; but the other two at least.

If you're not sure which aspect of your home would be the best one for embracing originality and getting conversations started, there's a natural choice: lighting. It's in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen…  it's everywhere, it's essential and it's available in some truly unique permutations. Need further convincing? Just check out the gorgeously odd examples below…

The brass band that lost control

Strange and unpredictable, this oddly neat tangle of tubes has many similarities to some kind of distorted brass instrument; perhaps a mutated trombone, or a flute that's grown tentacles. The shape of the bulbs themselves, meanwhile, is reminiscent of candles, meaning that the whole thing seems like a bizarre take on the classic chandelier.

We're all mad here

Have you got fond childhood memories of reading Alice in Wonderland? This tea party inspired lighting piece could be the perfect way to get in touch with the past. Each one of the mismatched sets of cup and saucer is a vintage beauty in its own right, and taken together and hung upside down they appear like a flock of the strangest birds imaginable. 

Uniformity is boring

Why use lamps that are all the same, when you could use lamps that each have a distinct personality? These miniature hanging lampshades are all beautiful in their fragile laciness, but each is a delicate masterpiece in its own right. The unexpected range of bright, mismatching colours makes this arrangement seem far from serious, despite the high level of craftsmanship that has gone into each individual lamp.

Bubbling over with personality

These lamps would be hard to ignore for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the low height some of them are hung at would make it absolutely impossible to avoid taking a good look at them. Secondly, their seemingly random positioning makes them seem like bubbles floating in the air—a comparison any onlooker could hardly fail to make. 

Sea friend or sea anemone?

Also bearing indicators of marine inspiration, this delicate lamp is constructed from paper thin enough to be translucent. It's a marvel of detail and careful design and manufacture, an is probably as sensitive to mistreatment as the sea creatures it loosely resembles. 

If you like this look a lot, wander over to the profile page of Mind lighting design to see some more similar pieces.

Building blocks

It might not be as large or as prominent as the other lamps we've seen, but this little desk lamp is an ice-breaker nonetheless. Positioned in a state of eternal imbalance, it seems ready to topple at any time.

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