6 Amazing Carports

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Keeping a car in good mechanical condition shouldn't be the sole consideration for car owners. A top priority should also be adequate storage. Unfortunately not all of us own a house that includes a garage, but that doesn't mean our cars have to sit unprotected in a driveway or on the street. Consider constructing a carport on your property. Carports are structures that can keep cars safe, in good condition, and hopefully help to avoid unwanted repair bills.

Thankfully, there are many companies that specialise in carports. Keep reading to see how the modern carport not only provides a car with protection from the elements, but also come in diverse and attractive architectural styles. 

Soak up the rays

We begin with a carport that takes a usual hazard and makes a positive use out of it. From this perspective we can see that the roof of this carport is covered with solar panels. The suns rays that would have been harmful to the cars exterior are being soaked up to provide energy for the home. This home owners car stays protected on those hot and sunny days, and as a bonus, their home is powered by renewable energy. A real win-win. 

Extra storage options

Here is a design from the carport experts at HMG belelux. Included in this carport design is a large sheltered area which can provide protection for a car, small truck, or a couple of motorbikes. There is also a storage section at the rear of this carport which is a great for homes that are lacking in storage space. No longer are household items crammed into an overcrowded shed, but are able to be better placed and organised in this new storage option.

Light and open

This is a carport design that reminds us of a ranch house as seen in the European countryside. Here we see the car is surrounded by attractive white-shaded wooden pillars and housed within a simple archway. We love the open design of this carport which contains no solid wall barriers and a glass rooftop.

Curved rooftop

And now for a design that's a little out of the ordinary. Notice how the entire structure of the carport is supported by only 2 pillars! Smartly, this carport includes attached lighting so that owners aren't stumbling at night trying to find their keys. 

Protection from the elements

Stained timber for supporting posts and a slated roof create the feeling that this could be an extension of an original property. This is one of the key advantages of choosing a wood carport. Not only are they very attractive but they can be easily trailered to fit-in with a home's exterior. 

Attached carport

Architecturelive were the team responsible for this home transformation. Before, it was a home that was lacking in both size and style, but is now an attractive residence that anyone would feel proud to own. As apart of this home transformation the issue of car storage was addressed. The response was to build a simple carport that was also attached to the side entrance of the home. From this perspective we can see there is ample room for two vehicles to be house in a port that blends in seamlessly with the house.   

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