6 things which interior designers never tell that can save you so much money

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Casa Certosa, Anomia Studio Anomia Studio Industrial style living room
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Getting an interior designer to share their expertise is something that is not easy. Won’t it be great if one could know about all the little ideas and tricks that professional designers use to transform a place. Here are 6 amazing interior designing tips that will help you transform your layout completely.

1. Utilize the dead space

There is generally a lot of dead space created while designing a house that we never notice. Find those dead areas in your house, and try to use them for other purposes.

For instance, the bottom of the staircase here has been transformed into a TV shelf by simply adding a stylish wooden rack

2. Go vertical

If you struggle with lack of space, then the best way to deal with this issue is by going vertical. Utilising the same space for two different things can help maximize the floor area. 

In this loft bedroom is connected with a walk-in closet, thus saving space by using the same area for both.

3. Use tall furniture for narrow spaces

The ideal way to decorate a narrow space is by placing tall or elongated furniture, that reaches up to the ceiling. The reason for doing so is that it covers less space on the ground thus, making your apartment look bigger. 

As seen in this studio apartment, the bookshelf is goes all the way to the roof, which not only gives an additional storage space, but also makes the floor area look bigger.

4. Extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

Most of the dead space in our house is near the ceilings. We always crib about space but we never remember to transform those ceiling calling out to us.

Fortunately, the designers of this kitchen used the ceiling space completely by extending the elegant white cabinets to the very top.

5. Separate the area with closets

Most big apartments are already filled with separating walls, which in turn disturbs the natural light source of the room. But as seen in this apartment the bedroom is separated by placing a tall thin closet which gives it an illusion of being an individual room. 

The designer has managed to use the partition without interfering with the natural light source.

6. Glass partitions

Using glass partitions instead of walls is a great idea, as they are only one-fourth of the actual size of a traditional wall. This gives you enough space to create your desired boundaries without wasting additional floor inches. You can partition your kitchen using similar ideas like shown in the picture. 

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