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We all know the importance of maintaining a garden and ensuring that it continues to flaunt a fresh and inviting look at all times (if you are fortunate enough to have one). Well, today’s homify 360° discovery is not only lucky enough to have a great big lawn in the back, it also has a lush bushveld as its natural surrounding – talk about being able to boast!

Located on a fantastic game reserve estate just outside Pretoria, this five-bedroom house knows all about space – and how to use it to its advantage. The reason behind its design was because the clients requested a certain design that not only allowed for numerous interesting spaces (both inside and outside the house), but which also enhanced the possibility of exterior socialising/living while enjoying privacy.

Let’s take a look…

The beautiful back yard

Now, isn’t this just stunning? With a crisp and vast lawn, together with perfectly maintained garden touches like lush shrubs and pretty plants, this back yard knows all about making jaws drop. 

And just as the brief requested, the house opens up beautifully onto the outdoor areas, with numerous glass windows and –doors ensuring a strong batch of garden views and fresh sunshine streaming indoors.

The front side

From the front, the house also flaunts a pretty amazing look, not only in terms of size, but also because of its various materials. Brick, concrete, glass, steel… they’re all here, and they all show off their textured looks with supreme success. 

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Bringing the outdoors inside

It rarely happens that glazed surfaces appear in areas like hallways; those are usually reserved for doors or even walls which allow a beautiful view to filter indoors, and that mostly occurs at the back of a house.

But it would seem these designers weren’t afraid to let nature (and sunshine) swoop indoors, for an entire hallway which connects two of the house’s separate volumes is decked out with crystal-clear glass panes.

A paradise for everyone

Not many houses get to enjoy such a spacious back yard – or any yard, for that matter. Fortunately, it would seem these homeowners are fully intent on maintaining this beautiful outdoor space, as it can be used by both young and old. 

And even though these artistic renderings might not convey how the actual garden looks like in real life, we still think this is a pretty amazing design to copy.

The cool spot

Got space for a great, big garden, and even a vast terrace? Well, then you certainly have the means to incorporate a fabulous swimming pool, just like these designers have done. 

Because of all the glass surfaces, balconies and terraces looking out on the pool, it provides a pretty safe spot for kids to have some fun in the sun while the grown-ups are indoors. However, we just can’t imagine wanting to spend a minute indoors with such a fabulous garden and tremendous pool beckoning us outside – can you? 

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