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10 pooja room door designs for your home

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A pooja room is a sacred space for meditation and prayer. While it needs to be clean and beautiful, you can get creative with its design to give it a unique identity that sets it apart from the rest of the home. If you don’t have much space to play around with to add wall murals or lovely ceilings to beautify the pooja room, how about using the door as a medium to express your creativity?

In today’s ideabook, we present 10 pooja room doors that will inspire you to get innovative with designing your own.

1. Metal studs on wood

Brass inlays or studs on plain wooden doors bring a royal touch to the pooja room door, besides adding traditional beauty to the area.

2. Wood and glass beauty

Instead of a completely wooden door, a combination of carved wood and glass works well in a modern home. The use of glass also brings natural light into the pooja space, besides keeping dust away.

3. Coloured frames

In a modern home, the pooja room is possibly the only space that retains traditional elements, so designing it to blend with the rest of the home can be challenging. In this stylish home, while a classic panelled wooden door is used for the pooja room, it’s painted bright yellow with images of gods, saints and holy symbols inserted into each small frame, making it resemble a miniature gallery of religious art when the door is closed.

4. Folding convenience

When the pooja room is built into a small recess in a corner of the living room, and you want to keep the area covered when not in use, accordion-style folding doors are a space-saving solution as they don’t extend too much into the tiny area when opened.

5. Stained glass beauty

At first glance, this looks like a lovely backlit stained glass panel set in an exquisitely carved wooden frame.

Hides the pooja room behind it

On closer inspection, it’s a door that hides away the pooja area from the rest of the home. Innovative, isn’t it?!

6. Modern wall panels

In this contemporary home, the pooja room is in a small alcove and has doors made with white MDF board that blends with the walls in the rest of the home. It resembles a modern 3D wall panel with circular cut outs on one door presenting glimpses into the pooja room, while the surface of the other door carries through the circular pattern for synergy.

7. Wood with glass stencils

The gorgeous stencilled images of Lord Ganesha on the tinted glass panels framed with wood make this pooja room door stand out. It’s artistic and elegant.

8. Transparent elegance

In this home, the pooja room is designed in a glass enclosure near the kitchen. The all-glass doors befit the modernity of the design. Horizontal wooden push bars replace door knobs to keep the glass doors smudge-free.

9. Miniature temple

Most temples in India have intricately carved doors that enhance the beauty of the space. You can use the same idea in your pooja room by fixing handcrafted wooden doors with exquisite carvings.

10. Sliding panels

When the pooja room is in a tiny space that doesn’t allow for doors to open outward, sliding doors are an option. The lovely brass inlaid wooden borders on the white sliding panels of the doors bring a charming traditional touch to the area.

For more ideas on decorating pooja rooms, see this ideabook.

Some more unique door designs

Here is another beautiful pooja room door design that can perfectly complement the divine look of your pooja room. At a closer look, you can see how this metal door is full of skillfully crafted carvings, and undoubtedly it is this fine detail work that makes this door even more attractive. The upper section of the door has a floral pattern, whereas the lower section displays elephants which are considered highly auspicious in Hindu religion. Designed by professionals, the huge 'Om' sign in the centre elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the door.

Are you looking for pooja room door designs with bells? Here is a masterpiece. This large-sized wooden door features a square grid design from top to bottom along with small bells in the three middle rows. The tinkling sounds produced by the bells of such pooja room door designs are pleasing to the ears and lend a temple-like ambience to your home.

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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