How do I create more storage space at home?

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When things are not orderly at home, it is often not because family members do not put things back in their place, but because they do not have a place to put them. The best way to solve this problem is to have specially designed areas so that everything has its own place. Sometimes, all it takes is a few divisions in drawers or looking for unused spaces or taking advantage of useless corners – it is likely that you already have the perfect place for everything, making sure that your home looks neat and tidy at all times.

Here is a look at 30 ideas that can help you put a little order in your home, ensuring a spic and span look:

1. Storage under the bed

Storing away blankets, bed linen and towels under the bed ensures that they are well kept and there is no mess.

2. Closet under the stairs

The space under the stairs in your home can be made into a good closet so that you have a discreet place to store seasonal clothes.

3. Space for ironing order

Inspiration, Korbo Korbo Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

To ensure that you have ordered while ironing, you should place baskets on the wall or create a place where you can hang the clothes you are ironing.

4. Decorative boxes

You can use decorative boxes to store what you need – these are so beautiful that you can show them off in any room!

5. Hidden bed in a small apartment

If you have a small apartment, you can install a bed that you can fold into the wall to give you more space whenever you need it.

6. Handy bed drawers

Kids’ rooms can be a mess, but with bed drawers, you can use the space to neatly and easily store away toys and storybooks.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

7. Drawer divisions in the kitchen

Having divisions in the drawers in your kitchen can give you a tidy space to keep the cutlery you use for cooking, giving you a clutter-free cooking area.

Checkout practical kitchen accessories here.

8. Drawer separator for dishes

Another great idea for your kitchen is to get drawer separators so you have a neat way to store dishes which will not move when you open or close the drawers.

9. Well-organized dry foods

You can get a simple closet with drawers at the bottom for storing dry food and condiments, giving you a neat, spacious kitchen.

10. Condiments at your disposal

A three-storey shelf is a fantastic idea for storing condiments – they will be neatly stacked whenever you need them.

1. Mini wine cellar on the wall

This is a fabulous idea for storing wine neatly – plus youget an amazing design for your wall!

12. Wall space for cooking utensils

You can hang your cooking utensils on shelves on the wall in front of the stove – always within easy reach!

13. Vertical drawer for waste

A great way to have a neat and clean is to get a vertical drawer with multiple containers to throw waste in, allowing you to recycle or even compost with organic waste if you want to.

14. Wicker baskets

Placing wicker baskets under the counter-top of furniture in your bathroom is the perfect way to store things like laundry, towels, etc.

15. Storage niches on Your wall

You can use the niches on any wall in your home to store items and display details without creating a cluttered look.

16. Lined boxes for filing cabinets

If you want to safely store away correspondence, documents or records, a great idea is to use lined boxes – they make wonderful filing cabinets.

17. Shoe-storing steps

Steps designed as drawers for shoes are a unique and stylish way to keep your shoes out of sight and safe as well.

18. Coloured storage boxes

You can get your children accustomed to order by giving them bright colorful boxes to sort out their toys, books and other belongings.

19. Large bathroom storage boxes

Placing large baskets in your bathroom is another neat and visually-pleasing way to store everything you need.

20. Sliding shelf

You can place a sliding shelf in your bathroom for storing items – you can even place a mirror in front.

21. Space under a steep roof or ladder

You can install shelves in the area under a steep roof or ladder to display and store items – the empty space will look amazing and help keep your home neat.

22. Vertical drawer under the bed

You can give your child a high bed and put a vertical shelf underneath which can be used as space for storage.

23. Utility space

If you have a large room, a great idea is to keep your washing machine and laundry baskets as well as other containers for clean clothes – it will help keep your house mess-free.

24. Sliding bookshelf in the study

Every student room needs a bookshelf but with a sliding shelf, you can have two in one – a discreet and unique way to keep those books hidden way.

25. Hanger tree on walls

Ans: This is a cute idea that kids will especially love – a hanger tree where you and the little ones can hang jackets and coats.

26. Order with drawer divisions

In your bedroom or bathroom, keep a couple of drawers with dividers to make your room look clean and neat.

27. Acrylic boxes

If you do not have drawer dividers, a superb idea is to make (or buy) acrylic boxes where you can store your accessories neatly.

28. Hang hats and umbrellas

1.       Chimney Firewood Basket

30. All-perfect garage storage


Chimney Firewood Basket

If your home has a fireplace, a basket not only allows you to neatly store firewood, but adds a simple yet elegant detail.

30. All-perfect garage storage

Your garage is the perfect place to store your tools, and
you can even create a workspace for your various projects.

If you are looking for a way to make your home look neat and clutter-free, you should learn how to divide space. The awesome ideas mentioned will help inspire you and make sure you achieve a beautiful home that always looks neat and clean.

30 Ideas for a spic and span home.  Try them and share your comments.

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