25 fences and walls to make your house more stylish

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The main purpose of creating a boundary wall or fence is to secure the safety of a home and its residents. While most homeowners are satisfied with just setting up a simple wall with barbed wire and broken glass fixed above it to keep burglars away, some smart owners use this to create an impressive façade.  

In this ideabook we have collated 25 of our best fencing and boundary wall designs that can be used in different topographies to meet design compliance and aesthetic needs. The walls made in different designs using a wide variety of materials will certainly find their place in homes across the land.

1. Pretty white wood

Fences made of plain wooden planks get a stylish edge when they are painted white as they provide the perfect background to a green lawn and colorful garden while granting privacy.

2. Natural materials

None can deny the simple beauty of wooden fences that were the standard boundary wall material around the world before people started making concrete walls for better security and privacy.  The combination here of wood and cement lends an aesthetic touch to the house facade.


3. Slim log trunks

For a rustic edge to the garden that has a wooden deck with rustic steel furniture, this trendy backyard wall made out of slim log trunks is a perfect option. This wall provides privacy to people seated on the deck as the rest of the garden is encircled by a green hedge.

4. Steel fence around the pool

This partway steel fence created between the pool area and rest of the garden is to prevent children and pets from stepping into the area. Design fulfills twin purposes of security and privacy.

5. Textured wall

When there is a high boundary wall along the property perimeter it tends to make the region look like a forbidding fortress. Playful textures and imprints like these that are built into the wall help it attach seamlessly with the house facade and provide stylish elegance to the connection.

6. The cozy sitout

The white wooden picket fence here painted may be perfect for a country style garden but the elegant combination it creates in partnership with wooden benches and colorful shrubs makes up for the slightly crowded sit-out.

7. Stone wall

Instead of having a wall constructed out of large stone blocks garden the landscape designers have made a stylish boundary wall out of small pieces of stone by piling them between neatly between two wire fences that creates a stylish barrier that is weather proof and maintenance free.

8. Stylsh wood and steel barriers

In addition to providing a strong support for the vines that are part of the vertical garden the brown boundary wall provides a strong support to the classy wrought iron boundary wall that separates the property from main road. 

9. Smart partnership of wood and concrete

Even with a low wooden frame like this made on a wall of concrete one can have privacy by setting up a thick framework of colorful vines that have thick foliage of leaves or flowers.

10. Within a Zen garden

Stone fence creates a perfect backdrop for a Zen style meditation region in the garden.

11. Rustic garden

When you have a colorful and attractively decorated backyard as this with a wooden deck and small garden then an all stone wall lends personality to the region. 

12. Wood art

While trendy boundary walls may lend a stylish edge to your garden you should not ignore the main gate as these can make a style statement for the house facade. The beautiful creation here carved out of wood appears as if an old tree is spreading out its branches.

13. Wood with strong personality

Want to rise above the standard wood paneled boundary wall then explore this design wherein the landscape architects have created twin boundary walls that maintain privacy and also look unique.

14. Iron in vertical design

If you are looking for a maintenance free boundary wall that is semi-permanent then choose an iron fence like this for a contemporary feel that is supported by brick and cement. The grey and blue combination enhances the partial stone facade of the modern house.  

15. Bamboo trees

Bamboo is as sturdy and perfect as regular wooden planks so the owners here have used these long log like raw material for designing the boundary wall and maintaining privacy. 

16. Creative use of PVC

If you are looking for sturdy boundary wall material that is different from standard iron and wood then PVC can come to your rescue. Though more expensive than natural materials, PVC boundary walls are lightweight and look stylish as you can see here.

17. Sturdy PVC

Here is another beautiful geometric design made of PVC and the material adds visual room to the stylish garden that is decorated with white pebbles and green shrubs.

18. Traditional picket fence

When the boundary wall surrounds a traditional house as this of red roof tiles and white outside walls then traditional picket fence is the best alternative that makes a cozy partnership with the house facade.

19. Picket fence with red brick wall

In this traditional design the picket fence forms a smart combination with red brick wall to lend a touch of  rustic warmth  to the yard's personality.

20. Wooden fence with concrete wall

In this boundary wall project , the safety and stability of wood panels has been enhanced by giving them the security of concrete walls.

21. Curved stone wall

The stone wall has a curvaceous design and has been painted white to give a trendy finish to the white paved path and emerald lawn that looks striking against this backdrop.

22. Combination of three materials

 A creative combination of complimentary materials comprising of bamboo, bushy shrubs and steel plates makes the garden boundary wall look unique.

23. Shocking pink wall

 For a person that seeks security of good old concrete walls this vibrant pink wall is a good fit.

24. Red brick finds a trendy partner wood

A trendy outdoor barbecue like this requires elegant surroundings and that is adequately provided by this rustic brick wall that also houses the cooking area and a stylish wooden wall abutting the brick wall and garden.

25. Steel and stone

Towards the end of our list we showcase a beautiful fence with concrete stones and steel plates. The difference in the tones of materials used in the structure brings a modern look to the composition.

Now that you have boundary wall designs in place it is time to look at Entrance gates with grills that will be suitable for them.

Which of these boundary wall designs did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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