29 pictures of small kitchens to inspire you

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Space is an issue for most of us, especially if you live in an apartment. But just because you have small space in the house doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your dream kitchen.

Here are 29 small kitchens where interior designers proved that you don’t need a lot of space to make a kitchen beautiful:

​1. Everything in a meter and a half

From chimney to the stove and storage, everything in this kitchen has been easily fitted in a meter and half.

2. Linear and mosaic

Big mosaic tiles might seem outdated, but small mosaic tiles are definitely a big trend in 2017. 

3. Blue and compact

 The grey and blue provide a perfect balance in this kitchen and they go perfectly with the black top. 

​4. A pop of colour

 If you are tired of the black kitchen tops, then its time to experiment with a brighter colour, like yellow! 

5. Minimal

 Straight lines and subtle cream tones – The designers of this home do know how to keep things minimal. 

​6. More storage

 When you already have a small space for kitchen, taking out a separate kitchen storage is out of the question. That is why, it is better to build as many cabinets and drawers as possible. 

7. Bright orange

 This kitchen might be built on a small area but the bright orange colour makes the space look larger than it is. 

​8. A combination of materials

 From tiles to steel cabinets and wired chairs, this kitchen uses a multitude of materials in the best combination. 

9. Integrated breakfast bar

Breakfast bars don’t always have to be on a kitchen island, they can also be incorporated near the workspace. 

10. Both traditional and modern

 This kitchen perfectly incorporates both traditional and modern elements by adding modern cabinets with the stone wall.

11. Elegant wood

When you are confused about what to do with your kitchen, the best way is to go with wood.

12. Elongated

This kitchen uses the rectangular space in the most efficient way kitchen platform on one side, and fridge and stove on the other. 

13. A dinner table

 If you have the space, add a small dinner table with 2-3 chairs in your kitchen. Don’t forget to pick bright colours to make the space seem open. 

14. Scandinavian style

 Now, if you don’t want to go with wood completely then go the Scandinavian way and white cabinets and glass to it. 

15. Classic black and white

 Black and white is a combination which you can never go wrong with. But do make sure there is more white than black in the area. 

16. U-shaped

 A U-shaped kitchen like this can help you save space and still make your kitchen extremely functional.

17. Integrated bar space

 Here is another kitchen built on a rectangular area which manages to also integrate a bar space. 

18. Stove on the kitchen island

 This kitchen has stove placed on the kitchen island instead, and the side counter is being used as a work station 

19. Green and grey

The grey in this kitchen provides the perfect balance to the bright green. 

​20. Perfect lighting

A perfectly lit kitchen can make any space look bigger. We recommend adding lights just below the cabinet to brighten up the area.

21. Practical and simple

This simple and practical kitchen has everything that you might need including – fridge, oven, stove, chimney, and lots of drawers

22. Vibrant red

This kitchen uses red on the breakfast table, and white over the rest of the space to balance the bright colour.

23. Storage up high

 Put a high shelf up in your kitchen and store all your favourite crockery up there. 

24. Breakfast bar with stones

 Small space doesn’t mean you have to go simple. Instead, you can go grand by adding stone wall breakfast wall. 

2​5. Concrete

 If you aren’t ready for the grandeur of a stone wall, then why not take a small space by adding a concrete breakfast bar?

26. Colour blocking

Even in a small space, this kitchen is a treat to the eyes thanks to its bright colours incorporated through tiles, stools, and place mats

27. Colourful tiles

If colour blocking isn’t your style, then we recommend adding colour to your kitchen with tiles.

28. Straight lines

A geometrical kitchen with straight lines – there is nothing else you would want more.

29. Elegant and modern

With an open-space plan, this kitchen uses wood in the most imaginative and inspiring way possible.

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