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15 fabulous ideas to light up interior walls of your home

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Lighting up our home is incredibly important to make the space pop and look bigger. But just putting up the usual lamps is not enough, you need to get creative with it.

Today homify brings 15 stunning ideas to light up your home in the most unique way possible.

1. A row of lights

If you want to keep things simple, the best way to go is putting up a row of lights for uniform illumination. The designers of this house chose to put the lamps at alternate heights to add an element of fun.

2. Lights on the top

You can add light to your interiors without making it the focus by adding them to the sides and letting the rest of the room stand out. 

3. Bottom to top

 If you have a focal wall in your room, then make it the star of the entire room iby placing LED lights on both the bottom and top of the wall. 

​4. Strategically distributed light

 Decorative pieces in our houses demand special attention. So, why not give them that by placing a light right above them?

5. A well-focused lamp

A good long lamp matching with your home’s decors won’t just add light to space, but it can also be a great addition aesthetically. And this will definitely be a decision that you will not regret.

6. Strips of light on the ceiling

While we prefer bedrooms with subtle lighting, the living room usually needs bright lights, and for that, we recommend stylish strips of light on the ceiling, just like this one. 

​7. Lights around the mirror

 Getting ready for a party or taking selfies can be incredibly difficult when there isn’t proper lighting around your mirror. Create an ally of lights around your mirror to add style and functionality to your dressing area. 

8. Only at the bottom

 This idea clearly shows that you don’t need to have the light just about everywhere to eradicate dark areas in the interiors. The experts of this house placed the lights strategically at the bottom. 

9. Hanging lamps

 Ceiling lamps are the new trend these days but make sure you pick the right ones which compliment the rest of the interior and décor. Also, make sure they put the light on a specific spot which needs to be illuminated.

​10. Panel lights

These panel lights won’t just brighten up your house; they will take the interior of your house to a completely different level. Their installation involves making several holes in the walls and then placing light in each one of them.

11. Violet lights

Using coloured lights, especially for bedrooms and dining area will make you feel more relaxed and calm. Though you don’t have to stick with violet, you can choose any colour that you want. 

12. Leverage the sunlight

 Adding light to your home doesn’t always mean placing artificial lights, you can design your home windows in a way to take complete advantage of the sunlight. 

​13. Light over pictures and paintings

 Taking inspiration from one of the points above, in this picture, there is a light placed right over the painting, making it easier for guests to notice your taste in art.

14. Strip of lighting for each wall

If you like lighting up the area, but you still want subtlety in it, then we recommend going for light strips like these. 

15. Subtle lamp shade

 A simple and classic lamp shade like this can easily brighten up your room without blinding.

For more inspiration, check this ideabook.

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most?
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