13 pictures of facade designs for 2-storey homes

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Everybody has a dream home with vivid details like the shapes, colours, textures and spaces that they want in their homes. But, the most difficult thing in these situations is to decide for a line of design for a style that expresses the personality of those who are going to occupy the home.

To finalise on a design you must consider the style of your façade. You can choose from a range of options like rustic, contemporary, industrial, campirano, Asian or something eclectic!

Here we present you with 13 options, each one a different style to inspire you for the façade design of your future home. Take a look!

1. Modern and warm

This home is made of a base cube and geometry. With stone walls and warm earthly colours, the home permits natural light inside through the large glass in the middle offering the residents a pleasant light and shadow play.

2. Classic façade

If you like everything classic, then this is going to be your favourite. Pink quarry, wooden beams, dark marquetry and blacksmithing—this home is all classic with a cover of dark wood over the terrace.

3. A Mediterranean touch

How about a little Mediterranean, but with the touch of the country to your home? This home flows into the garden through the windows and terraces. The details in the clay tiles on the white walls look stunning, what do you think?

4. A contemporary façade

Remodel your home’s façade from scratch into a slender courtyard with high windows that allow natural light into the home and sufficient ventilation for the interiors. The shine of the white curtains reflects light to create a bright atmosphere.

You can hire an architect to attain the look that you desire.

5. Simplicity and purity

If minimalist is your style, then this façade is perfect. It is a simple cubic space with its top covered with white and two windows. The steel structure protects the garage. The best aspect of this façade is the lining with horizontal wooden slats at the first level.

6. Modern and rustic touches

This house has foreground covered in orange slab stone from which comes a brown flat which envelops the balcony on the second floor. The door made of a dark reddish wood matches the door of the balcony.

Checkout 8 creative ideas to beautify your balcony here.

7. Rustic

This facade has a very peculiar characteristic to itself: it has a forest like environment right at home, so you would always feel at home on vacation! What an amazing way to live!

8. Compact

This home has a discreet and compact façade but sparkles with shine! A balcony integrated on the top is protected by black steel rail whose design stands out above the charming window. A high wall partially covered in brown stone delimits the design to one side.

9. Elegant Details

What do you think of this home? It has a simple façade with a clear and inviting design further beautified by smaller details that give it the elegance and life. A small roof with the rectangular window, a wide portico and planter next to the access make this façade very charming.

10. An Asian touch

This house hits the right balance between Asian style and contemporary designs and a lot of beauty. The wood and steel textures blend seamlessly with concrete and stone for a perfect family space!

11. Superbly white

This façade here has a Californian flavour to it. With modern touches, the high parapet walls, open windows and the big dark wooden door, add class to the plain white of the walls.

12. Clear and luminous

This façade stands out for its clarity. The white colour of the structure enhances the beauty of the light wood covering the entrance of the house. A simple and perfect design, this façade pleases everyone!

13. Complete privacy

We end this list with this façade that prioritises privacy and safety. A subtle blend of lattice wood, steel and concrete makes the façade look chic and secure while letting in ample light!

We hope you got inspired by facade designs. Try them and share your comments.

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