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Every individual be it man or woman has a deep seated desire since childhood of owning a bedroom with a huge walk-in closet to stock a sizeable collection of clothing, accessories, footwear and other  essentials. While most have to adjust one or two small cupboards within the bedroom depending on the space available it does not cost a penny to dream about which type of walk-in wardrobe could be fitted into the region to organize everything in same space.

In our endeavor to bring the latest and best designs in home décor to our readers we have brought together 15 trendy   dressing rooms that combine spacious interiors with stylish design in an effortless manner. We are sure that if you do have sufficient space in the bedroom, you would be tempted to convert a corridor or empty room into a dressing room after browsing through these designs.

1. Adequate number and size of shelves

A dressing room as large as this that stores clothes for all members of the family has to have a sizeable number of shelves with varying depths to store everything. Vertical placement of shelves from ceiling to floor has ensured that every member has personal space to keep their clothes, footwear and accessories.

2. Walk-in closet in the attic

Attic is generally used as a store room due to difficulty in designing furniture for this region. But the creative professionals with experience in planning furniture and accessories in the most problematic areas have created this stylish open wardrobe for effective utilization of space and organize clothes and accessories in a planned layout.

3. Beautiful and white

See how the ethereal combination of white and powder blue have given an air of aesthetic elegance to this modern dressing region which exudes calm order. The wide drawers and shelves at the bottom even allow easy storage of heavy winter rugs and bedding.

4. Dressing region with seat

We know the importance of sizeable seating within a dressing room like a chaise lounge or sofa along with full length mirror to lay out combination of clothes and accessories. This wide bench style seat here is used as a storage area for footwear !!

5. The romantic version

Crystal chandelier, an ornate mirror or mirrored stool are items that make this dressing room look straight out of a 70's movie set. All this is missing here is a picture of a simpering Marilyn Munroe in her signature pose !!

6. Perfection of mirrors

Just as a full length wardrobe in a bedroom has a full length mirror on it, the dressing room walk-in shelves and wardrobes also have full length mirrors to check every inch of personal appearance before stepping out. The best location to set up large mirrors in the dressing room is the sliding doors of the large wardrobes.

7. Transparent glass doors

Breaking up a long room into a home office and dressing area then glass doors come in handy as they act as separators  without creating a visual blockage in the region. The dark-wood roof and light floor panels give this stylish region a Scandinavian dressing room feel.

8. Minimalist class

The all white dressing room visually enlarges the region making it look wide and transparent. Simple layout of open shelves and floating cabinet style drawers for accessories allow the stylish clothes to take center stage in this minimalist dressing room where a large mirror on the rear wall dominates the region.

9. Organized closet space

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA Campbell Watson Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

If functionality should be the key requirement of your dressing room then open layout without wardrobes is the best solution as you can grab clothes on the go without wasting time opening and closing doors

10. Boutique style dressing area

An empty attic turns into a trendy boutique style dressing room with spacious cabinets for shoes and glass shelves for stylish handbags. Circular mirrors placed behind the hangars with clever lighting around the shelves increase the beauty of the region.

11. Eclectic splendour

Nothing brings out the true color and beauty of clothes as natural light and in this dressing room you have an ample supply of natural light. A neatly designed space with colorful chairs and soft carpeting builds a charming dressing room.

12. Elegant wardrobe

Dark leather furniture and stylish lighting within dark toned surroundings can be described as elegant part of a trendy residence.

13. Femine touches

Which woman wouldn't want a personalized dressing room with feminine touches around the wardrobes and furnishings? Here is a dressing room with pink curtains, pink window seat and even a floral bedspread that creates a captivating landscape.

14. Lights steal the show here

A walk-in wardrobe as this is incomplete without appropriate lighting and the stylish drop down lights fulfill the duties in the most appropriate manner. This inspirational design with spacious wardrobe and drawers create a style statement just as the low seats before the door.  

15. Dressing room with a view

An ordinary dressing room which may otherwise have looked claustrophobic is now wide and stylish chiefly due to the  breathtaking view of open countryside from glass window.  Colored carpet contrasts with the all white exteriors but enhances the style quotient of the room.  

If these dressing room designs have inspired you to create one in your home here are some Modern dressing table designs that can be set up in them.

Which dressing room design do you feel is most suited to your home? Do let us know in your comments below.

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