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5 renovation pictures to inspire you!

by Fluido Design Studio
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The chance of owning a place to live comes with a constant dilemma: Remodel it or not. While living in the house you always have thousands of ideas on how to improve it so that to make it more comfortable or attractive. But you have to be sensible when making decisions to alter it. Before taking a call for remodeling project, ask yourself a few simple questions. First, what do we need? It may be a bigger room, an extra bedroom or combining the social area into one space. The second issue is to see if we have enough space to make the alterations and additions we want to do. Finally and the most important question is: How much budget do we have? This last question helps us to give all our ideas and requirements a final shape and guarantees the best result. 

Here we present you the 5 remodeling projects to inspire you. Let's do it!

​1. A house that needed a brand new look

This was a thorough remodeling. Almost all the existing spaces needed to change to achieve a completely new face, more modern and natural. It began by removing some walls and erecting a few new ones. The purpose was to achieve a greater utilization of space.

​With a curved wall

This is how it appeared in the intermediate stage. The predominant white color coatings on the plaster walls help it to have a much more modern and contemporary look. The final result will be enchanting.

​The final product!

In this area, a fully integrated social space was created. The living room, kitchen and dining room coexist freely. The curved wall proposed by the designers, creates a flow between the spaces that is making this house.

​2. A remodeling in 66 square meters

While remodeling this house, the designers faced a very common problem. To fully utilize the limited space they had to overcome the challenges put by the existing structural conditions of the property. In this case, the most challenging was an old construction.

​Look at the grand opening: Isn’t it great!

In the new design a social area has been created which coexists beautifully in the same space with kitchen and dining room. These rooms are freely joined together. The interiors have been changed from an old worn out white to a bright white. The beautiful dark wood floors and ample natural lighting is making this space bright.

​This was the distribution before

This is the original configuration of the small apartment. It had very marked divisions between rooms and little flow in its circulation. It had a single bathroom.

So the small apartment after the remodeling

The new plan shows us the creation of two complete bathrooms from one. It has made the apartment much more functional with a fully integrated social area that creates an ample space. The natural lighting is great. It is making the environment much more homely and welcoming.

​3. From not-so-beautiful to a beautiful residence

The house previously was not much appealing. In addition to it, it was a little abandoned and neglected home. It needed a complete remodeling. In spite of all the negativity, the architects saw it as a great potential, especially in its garden.

​With great opening and illumination

The ceilings were completely changed. The windows were extended to connect the interior of the house with the beautiful and renovated garden. The outside atmosphere of the house was integrated with the inside. Wooden floors and an excellent selection of furniture gave a new and stylish life to this house. Thanks to the abundant amount of natural light pouring in through the large windows, the house has perfectly lit spaces.

​4. A house made to order

The lack of space was a major reason for the remodeling of this house. The owner also needed to improve the facilities and so the renewal was urged. In this image we can compare the before and the result of a customized design that was made to order. Multiple functional storage spaces were built in multipurpose furniture to make the optimum use of the available space. A smart move!

​With a beautiful kitchen

Designing a kitchen on one of the walls helped in sharing the space with the dining room. The rest of the social area is much wider, allowing more functional space for its residents. The predominant white color creates spacious look visually. It is complemented well by the beautiful wooden floor.

​5. A 60 square meters unit of 1905

This last project contemplates the remodeling of a 60 square meters unit, which dates from 1905. It was remodel and modernized in such a way that today it is rented out to tourists. The professionals chose to give it a completely different makeover but with a minimalist approach.

​So it was: a beautiful combination of minimalism and rustic style

The finishes on the walls and furnishings give this clearly minimalist design a touch of rusticity. This approach gives a much more welcoming and homely feel to this small apartment. It has got everything that a couple would need.

​The divisions that communicate

The dividing walls do not reach the ceiling here. It creates a spacious effect and does not make its users feel trapped or enclosed, despite the small size of the apartment.

​Here the plans that shows the remodeling

This apartment was designed by remodeling 3 vaults. In the center we have the social area and hall. On the right it is flanked by the kitchen and dining room, which has a large opening. On the left side is the bedroom and bathroom. It is accessed through a door that gives you privacy from the rest of the apartment. It is a simple project but executed excellently. 

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Which project inspired you the most? Please leave your comments and suggestions.
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