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10 chocolate brown kitchens for your home

by Oscar Hernández - Fotografía de Arquitectura
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We love to add adjectives before colors. It usually happens to be the objects that surround us. This has made the color synonymous with that object. A few examples are pastel pink, pistachio green, Mexican rose, sky blue and so on. 

Following this tradition, in this ideabook, we decided to give a new name to the color of these kitchens. An ordinary coffee color has been substituted by something more appealing, the chocolate color! Who does not get tempted by something more rich and aromatic like this candy?

Well… let’s have a look at the chocolate kitchens we have chosen for you. Get inspired and get ideas to include this tone in your kitchen. This color is capable to infuse multiple benefits to the kitchen. If you don’t believe then have a look at these 10 kitchens that will make you fall in love with chocolate color.

Kitchen 1: Shows us the classic beauty of this color

The idea of this ideabook was to emphasis on chocolate color. But here the chocolate tone is dominated by brown tinge. This tone is very common and can be easily found in different types of wood.

The beauty of this kitchen lies in the fine blend of different shades. Dark natural wood has been integrated with soft tone, especially in furniture such as table, shelves, and cupboard.

​Kitchen 2: Evidence to show how well it could be combined

It is very common to have area with white tones in the kitchen. White gives brightness, space and neatness to the kitchen. White could be on the counter tops, the burners, the bar of the sink, the tiles of the wall or the crockery. The chocolate color can perfectly combine with it. The contrast of white and chocolate will wonderfully translate it into a beautiful space.

This kitchen shows precisely what we are trying to convey. The whiteness on the surfaces is surrounded by stylish chocolate doors, shelves and drawers.

​Kitchen 3: Shows how modern chocolate furniture can look!

In the modern style, particularly if it is done in monochrome, the whole coffee tone is a great way to bring sobriety and sophistication in the space. Just look at this kitchen! There is no apprehension in the use of chocolate tone everywhere, not even in its precious piece of furniture.

Kitchen 4: Spread the color on the doors

The chocolate color has a strong presence. It is almost impossible to use it without getting noticed. So it causes concern when we want to incorporate it into the kitchen. In this kitchen we show you a very good way to integrate the chocolate color without being too loud. Just give a touch of the color on all doors and upholster. 

It will look so amazing that soon you would like to have it in every corner of the room.

​Kitchen 5: Incorporates a touch of tradition with this color

A traditional touch usually gets neglected in modern kitchen. Not in this one! In this kitchen there is an emphasis on natural warmth. It looks that cooking is an intimate affair here and is done in a familiar atmosphere. So, don’t be afraid. Be generous in the use of chocolate color in all your furniture. It will be great if they are of wood. It will look natural.

Kitchen 6: How to combine the chocolate tone with the black

Is it so that thinking about the color combination makes you nervous? If yes, then do not miss this unusual combination of chocolate and black kitchen. Black is a safe color that never goes wrong when used as a contrast. The trick lies in the use of chocolate tone. Use the chocolate color judiciously so that it looks significant but not overpowering.

​Kitchen 7: Evidence that vibrant tones are well accepted

The chocolate color falls in the category of saturated colors. So, it will harmonize with any of the so-called vibrant tones like reds, yellows, oranges… In fact, it is the orange hue that is making this kitchen dazzle for its colorful originality. Take a cue from here. Just a splash of striking vibrant color is enough to leave a mark.

​Kitchen 8: Generating a balance with the color

So far we have experimented with the different ways to create a contrasting effect with the chocolate color. However, it is also possible to generate balance with this tone. Just clearly demarcate all the surfaces and combine the chocolate color with a neutral shade.

​Kitchen 9: Shows that chocolate can look good in the darkest areas

High gloss beige grey and matt white lacquer Modern kitchen by Zara Kitchen Design Modern
Zara Kitchen Design

High gloss beige grey and matt white lacquer

Zara Kitchen Design

The first thought is that the saturated tones cannot be used in the dark areas of a kitchen. If done it is really a daring idea! But as the saying goes that with the lighting there are flashes. So it is! If the surface that covers the chocolate color has a glossy touch, it will make the coffee color of the lower surfaces shine. It will stand out.  So go ahead.

​Kitchen 10: Evidence that this color combines with many textures

Even the most difficult textures look great when combined with the chocolate color. Just look at the marble in orange hue that covers the worktop and the most delicate parts of the walls of this modern kitchen. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Now we can say that no texture can go wrong with the chocolate look of your kitchen. Just make sure to incorporate the one you like the most.

Do these kitchens look tempting or amazing to you? Leave your comments.
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