10 pictures of Pooja rooms for a good start of the month

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Earlier, most of the Indian houses used to have one special Pooja Room that was called as Mandir, Temple or God room and specifically used for prayers and meditation only. With years passing, these Pooja rooms have been converted into Pooja shelves, Pooja compartments and sections. People are exploring new and better option to bring the divinity within their own homes and get it settled and lesser space. 

In order to start a new month with new opportunities and happiness, we aim to bring you a few selected Pooja room designs where you and your family would love to spend some time and pray for well being. These rooms are small, maintenance free and can be easily imitated or constructed in your house. So, have a look below to understand the architecture.

Wooden Pooja room

Wooden pooja rooms have long been favorite of all. Reasons? They are easier to maintain and have a special touch of warmth. You can get them done at affordable prices as well and the Pooja room will definitely look fabulous. 

Basant Panchmi theme

February marks the ending of Winters and Basant Panchmi is the day which people celebrate to usher the happiness of springtime arriving to their life. Yellow color is considered to be auspicious and significantly represents the theme of this festival. So, get ready to drape the room in Yellow to make a mark.

Marble cladding and design

White marble has the aura to make any space look divine and calm. A pooja room amidst white marble with bronze figurines should be a definite Yes for the class lovers. 

Big portrait and shelf

Really crammed up of space? Do not fret, to your rescue, we have this beautiful Pooja style shelf installed within the living room of a family where you can pray, sleep and eat together. The mandir section is visibly different and disctinctively beautiful here. 

Special room

And the regular style of Mandir in Indian homes, a special room with lots of dieties- small and big, pictures, images, and other pooja elements safely secured at one place. Here you have the freedom to expand your belief in God to any limits. 

Eat, pray and love

How about getting a mandir installed right near to your dining table so that your family can gather at the dinner and pray to god together. It will help you remain closer to the almighty and each other both. 

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Modern Mandir

A modern mandir installation like here, metallic sculpture or a case with deity within placed in the hallway itself. Showcase your beliefs and make your mandir open to all. 

With special wall

If you are not willing to get an old style pooja room or not having enough space to create a dedicated corner, get one of the home walls designed in perfection and well lit, and then put some deities of god right besides to it. The environment should speak for itself anyways. 

Pooja within a room

When you have true belief in god and want them to be present everywhere with you, having God's frames and images on walls of the room makes sense. 

Divinity can stay anywhere

And last on the list, a pooja room style that is apt for meditation and seeking calmness. Set the background, lighting and nearby elements in such a way that you cannot stay away from sparing a few minutes with the almighty. 

Which one is best amongst these?

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