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​Stunning bathroom mirror designs

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? A bathroom mirror has to answer this question almost every day of the weak. The bathroom mirror makes a highly essential accessory of any style of bathroom. Be it country style or modern or even eclectic, no bathroom is complete without a mirror. Along with the advent of technology, even mirrors have gained a different prospective and an undying stance. From the classic round pattern of the abnormal shapes and colours that are available now, mirrors have indeed come a long way. But still they continue to serve a distinct purpose that no other item can ever think to provide and that is to transform us from normal to classy and extraordinary. This beautiful piece of glass can be captured in any form be it wood, metal or stone. To highlight these different types, we bring to you an idea book that focuses on different and unique styles of mirrors that are loved by one and all.

Series of mirrors

Employing a series of mirrors in the bathroom can also be a great idea for creating a spectacular effect. Not only this idea helps in creating beautiful visual appeal, it is also very helpful in creating an illusion of space. Highly recommended for smaller bathrooms, the mirrors can exude a wide and bright feel by reflecting light in all directions this brings added brightness and cheer to the bathroom. Try using different sizes and shapes of mirrors that can fill your entire bathroom and can serve the same function as well.  Making use of mirrors in place of walls and tiles further adds a glamorous and dramatic look to your bathroom. It is an inexpensive and highly affordable feature that can easily brighten your bathroom with minimum infringement of the existing design.

Classic round

A classic round mirror is the minimal one can do with the mirror design. This style has been popular for decades and still continues to be one of the most charming and desirable mirror types. Now a circular mirror can be enveloped in any kind of frame according to your bathroom décor. It looks extremely classy in metal frames while it gives a rustic touch with wooden and stone embellishments. Just like the picture, a round mirror can also be decorated with glass patterns that exude a modern and eclectic touch. The most essential USP of this mirror is that it looks wonderful in all styles of bathrooms. Whether small, minimalist or even rustic, a round mirror fits them all in utmost style and comfort. Try going for a spotlight atop the mirror for making a profound effect.

Colourful artwork

Colourful mirrors bring a joyous and peppy feel to the room. Try pairing different colours with your bathroom décor and go for brightening and contrasting themes. Going for simple designs and quirky colour combinations can also be a startling factor in your master or kids bedroom. Especially for kid’s bedroom, try opting for mirrors that are framed in your child’s favourite cartoon character designs. For daughter’s bathroom you can even go for princess themed or Barbie themed mirrors. If you do not want to play with bright colours, you can even design subtle bases that have rich and colourful embellishments. For instance, using stone frame ad then decorating ad redecorating it with a bright and shiny sequence can result in a perky yet subtle mirror combination. Make use of cardboard and even left over plywood to create colourful patterns that helps in accentuating the look of your bathroom manifold.

Luxurious display

A luxurious bathroom is everyone’s desire. However, not many can afford a lavish display and high-end fittings. Let us suggest you an affordable masterpiece that can bring the same royal effect without hitting hard on your pocket. Designed by Interior Design Studio Tut Yut, architects in Russia, a gold plated mirror looks absolutely gorgeous against the subtle or mutely coloured walls. It lends a glamorous feel to the bathroom and makes you feel like a part of a five star hotel. Try having a mirror that can cover a major part of the wall and paint it with silver or golden paints as per the décor. For added effect, add a shimmery stool and chandelier for taking you back in those royal colonial days. Even for smaller bathrooms, you can go for an array of smaller pieces painted with same shimmery shades. If you are not a fan of these colours, you can even go for artistic metallic frames painted in classy shades.

Sleek and stylish

A curved and trendy mirror can bring a drastic change in the overall looks of your bathroom. This trendy design is highly desirable and wanted in modern bathrooms that come with sleek displays and slender patterns. A sleek mirror does not construe a major portion of the wall and looks absolutely gorgeous. It can be easily placed in any corner of the bathroom, according to need and convenience.  A sleek mirror can also act as a separator between different zones of the bathroom. Try going for trendy and funky patterns for kids and teen’s rooms. Slender mirrors do not need to be framed. They look beautiful, even as is and are perfectly safe to use. Functionality wise, they are much better than heavily framed mirrors as they do their job with zero hindrance.

Mirror cum storage

There is no harm in having a mirror that works as a storage space as well. Incorporating a trendy mirror and concealed storage behind it can save you a lot of space in smaller bathrooms. This trick is actually a boon for city dwellers with restricted bathroom size. This practical addition to the room can have steel borders or stands and can be easily hung using hinges and side supports.  They can either be sliding or have a cabinet opening, according to your taste and requirement.  These dual-purpose mirrors come in trendy and modern styles. Some of them are even fitted with cabinet lighting that is a great help during the night.  You can easily use these as medicine and cosmetics storage place. Another cool addition for a mirror cum storage thing is to install different separators and organisers in the inner shelves for easy placement.

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Which mirror design would you like to add to your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below. 
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