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An entrance door is a highly essential part of the house. However, its actual positioning is still ambiguous, as it is neither considered a part of the exterior or the interior. Nevertheless, an entrance door needs to be very sturdy and highly impressive. It just cannot have any loose ends, as this door is responsible for casting first impression in front of the guests. An ideal entrance door or front door should reflect what lies inside the house. It should connect, engulf and should open doorway to brighter scenes and appealing sights. Go for rich wooden, glass or metal patterns to make you a high end and superior looking door. We bring to you some classy and traditional door designs that have been used in the past and still continue to accompany the new and modern designs. This idea book also features contemporary designs that can act as a great source of inspiration behind designing your entrance door.

Go for sturdy wood

A sturdy wooden door is the most versatile option for an entrance door. It has been used for ages and still continues to amaze us with its unmatched durability and charm. An entrance door needs to be sturdy and inviting at the same time. The different shades of wood serve both these purposes. Under the effect of both natural land artificial lights, they look amazingly spectacular. While plain wooden doors are still in vogue, trendy glass and metallic combinations also accompany them. A wooden entrance door is easier to clean and very easy to maintain. It can easily be embellished with traditional artefacts like bells and other door hangings. Employing a single wide door or a combination of two doors, both create the same welcoming and greeting effect.

Employ intricate art work

Door artwork has been extremely popular, especially in Indian Subcontinent. This artwork has been utilised in villages, temples, and now in urban houses. Especially in Southern India, there cannot be a single house that does not have a door artwork done on it. This artwork can be in the form of rich royal encryptions or even in the form of animals like lions and elephants. Use of metal carvings or sculpture design of the entrance is considered as a good luck charm in a few areas. It is also considered auspicious as it helps to welcome Gods inside the house. Thanjavur, in South India, is especially famous for making carvings on the entire door. They use skilled craftsmanship and talent to make delightfully wow designs on the entrance doors that are highly impressive and commendable.

Go for classy glass pattern

Glass is another material that is highly utilised for making doors. While windows are already made with this beautiful material, now even the doors are being designed in various fun and trendy patterns. Use of a combination of glass with wood or glass with metal strikes the right chord and makes a delightful front masterpiece. A glass entrance door serves the purpose of seeing through the surface, which is extremely useful before opening the door to a stranger. Different types of glass materials can be used for making doors. While toughened glass is the most preferred, opaque and fully transparent glass doors are also in fashion.  For a prominent effect, you can also pair the windows and doors with the same glass as it gives a much unified and glamorous effect.

Welcome guests with fresh planters

Upper Park, Loughton Boscolo Windows & doors Doors

Upper Park, Loughton


Planters are required both inside the house and outside. The planters create a beautiful and welcoming effect near the entrance door. They make the place lovely and homely. No matter how big a lawn or garden you have, placing planters near the entrance door has an unmatched charm. The planters here can be placed either in neat arrays on the ground or can even be hung to the ceiling. Just make sure they do not create any obstacle near the entrance as the entrance needs to b wide and open. Any clutter or disorientation near the entrance will be a letdown in front of the guests.  Try going for perennial plants and not-so-bright flowers. You might as well place some of the indoor plants on either side of the entrance door to give a glimpse of the inside décor.Designed by Boscolo, architects from London, UK, this design is a very sophisticated approach of added planters to embrace your main entrance door. 

Employ traditional door hangings

Traditional door hangings have been used in almost every part of the world. Be it colourful or musical, they indeed have a profound effect on each of us. Door hangings can either be in wood or metal or even in mere plastic. Before the invention of doorbells, hangings were used to notify someone’s presence at the front door. The musical beats used to notify the inmates every time someone used to enter through the doors. Although this has been a traditional scene, it is still popular in some parts of the world and is considered heartwarming and cordial. The mere sound of the musical hangings or wind chimes brings an air of joy and cheer in the house. You can even make your own DIY door hangings as per taste and colour coordination.

Use trendy spot lights

Spotlights are required to highlight all your esteemed spots and coveted points inside and outside the house. Just like a chandelier is an important part of the living room and the dining room, it is also considered essential for the entrance door. Even if not a chandelier, some sort of focussed lighting should be incorporated near the door for luminance and welcoming stance. You can go minimalist to just add an LED lamp or series of LED lamps near the door for better positioning and brightness. Employing light bulbs at the entrance also eases off the locking and unlocking process, which at times is quite a nuisance. Even if you are tight on budget, employing just a simple light bulb near the entrance will serve the purpose. The front door is indeed a reflection of what lies insides and the owner, therefore, should be created with the proper accessories and thoughts.

Hope you were inspired by these entrance door designs. At homify, we strive to solve all your queries related to home decor. If your storage areas are difficult to manage, here's an interesting ideabook that will surely help you : Amazing ideas to modernise your storage area

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