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As the heart of the house a kitchen, has people walking in and out of the region as multiple meals are cooked and served across the day along with beverages and water. As it performs several functions that have to be completed within shortest possible time, the kitchen layout has to be well planned for easy performance of all the activities. Besides containing all the required number of kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, containers for ingredients and gadgets for cutting and chopping, a kitchen should also have practical storage solutions. In this ideabook we shall list out 13 practical solutions offered by kitchen planners at Homify that will improve the utility of your kitchen and hopefully also help reduce cooking time.

1. Pull out drawers

All kitchen owners crave storage space and what is better than deep pull out drawers that are neatly tucked into a wide cabinet. Even though the kitchen here as sizeable number of under counter cabinets and pull out drawers along with wall closets, the sizeable open design pull out drawers are a welcome addition. This is largely because of its design that allows anyone to quickly scan through its entire details and move on to other sections if the missing tool or spice bottle is not visible.

2. Stylish accessories

Everyone know the health benefits of eating nuts but few have the patience of cracking them one by one to eat its contents. Wouldn't you like to indulge in this stylish accessory that can be pulled out with a flourish when you have guests at home to crack open nuts? Charming and quirky kitchen appliances are always always a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen and indulge your taste for good things in life.

3. Suitable seating arrangement

There are no rules stating that one has to stand in the kitchen to work all the time at the counter. While a breakfast counter or eating area inside the kitchen ensures easy availability of chairs or stools, one can always have comfortable seating arrangements slightly away from cooking area to carry out the preparation work. See this modern kitchen with a trendy island that has been partly converted to a eating area? This also doubles up as a working surface when there are several people working together to prepare for a large group.

4. Wooden wall rack

Want extra storage space for small bottles and other stuff? Then check out this trendy handmade wooden rack that you would probably would have seen in a country home. Besides having nostalgic charm this practical kitchen rack has hooks for hanging ladles and perfect shelf space for spices jars or cups. These can easily be purchased at a kitchen supplies stores or you can get them custom built as per design of choice from local carpenter.

5. Trendy breakfast bar

A spacious trendy kitchen as this requires furniture as much as modern appliances and that is visible in this smartly designed space. Though the color palette is largely monochrome with black and white appliances and counter, the kitchen designers have setup a brick red cabinet and refrigerator against a white brick.  By having a breakfast bar with stools right below the red cabinet with lights embedded into the creators have effectively retained free space in the centre. With this bar and cabinet combination you have a café style installation in the kitchen that makes the region spacious.

6. Embedded storage in the countertop

Wouldn't it be smart if your could stack essential cutlery and cutting knives into a storage area on the counter itself so they can be reached easily whenever you need them. Here is a steel edged storage close to the washing area which is also used as a drainage rack.  Once the utensils are dry they can be stacked away into their respective racks. 

7. Foldable cabinet door

Glassware always requires a special storage area and when space is scarce to have a full length cabinet, then storage cabinets in the wall like the one shown here with a fold-able cover can be just the thing for you. Depending on the requirement the cabinet door can be partially or fully pushed up to reach out to glasses and plates without doors getting in the way – a perfect storage when you require constant access.

8. Wall shelves

With rapid increase in cities, size of homes are reducing around the globe and large number of Home Builders are today opting for open plan structures that have kitchen, dining area and modern living room in the same region without any walls. Here are two smart solutions that showcase a dining area created with table as a wooden extension from the kitchen counter and supported by ornate stick base and twin open wooden shelves above the counter close to the table for storage. The shelves serve as perfect spot for keeping all essential condiments that are required during meals.

9. Unusual containers for spices

Eye catching accessories and cutlery help to enhance the attractiveness of a kitchen as much as set of stylish food containers. Here are a bunch of funky colorful containers for storing spices and condiments. The container stand is designed like a tree and the containers are suspended like colorful flowers from branches. Your colorful cookies and cupcakes would look just as attractive in these containers sitting on a glass dining table.

10. The elongated island

When one has the luxury of a large and extensive kitchen with more than enough space for accommodating every kind of kitchen equipment then setting an elongated kitchen island with breakfast table adds to its utility. This solution helps to increase storage space in a rectangular kitchen under the counter and gives a contemporary twist to the country kitchen.

11. Two in one storage

Seeking customized storage for cutlery of different sizes and also for knives and other cutting equipment? We recommend considering these trendy wooden drawers with integral dividers that can fit in cutlery of different sizes. Instead of having a large deep drawer the kitchen manufacturers have created this double drawer design that increases storage capacity but still looks like single pull out drawer from the outside.

12. Magnetic cutlery

Classic wooden cutlery that was a favourite of kitchens till recently has now been replaced with magnetic cutlery. These can be easily hung on the walls like the one shown here against the magnetic strip.

13. Colorful kitchen

Mix of neutral tones with peppy colors brings cheerful air to kitchen that can be done with by either painting the insides of open shelves or the exterior of cabinets.  Check out the bright hues of this modern kitchen you will agree with us that it gives an unusual twist to an ordinary kitchen.  

Here are some more Tips to improve your small kitchen.


Which of these practical solutions would you like to apply to your kitchen? Do let us know in your comments below.

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