False ceilings: 10 amazing designs!

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Improvements in false ceiling design structure and their ability to bring striking twist to the region where they are set up has increased their popularity across the world. Interior decorators can today create a club like atmosphere within the living room with combination of creative lighting displays and decorative materials like glass, fiber, plaster etc.  Besides improving the aesthetics of the room where it is located, false ceilings also act as insulators by trapping air between roof and ceiling that helps in bringing down electricity bills. If you are wondering that false ceiling will reduce the size of your room’s height, rest assured as these actually make the region appear spacious. Do explore these false ceilings designs with us to enhance your knowledge about their aesthetic beauty and optical vivacity.

1. Gypsum ceiling for the staircase

False ceiling layout can consist of small and large inserts within the ceiling or can occupy the entire roof surface across the house. In this house the interior designers have created a plasterboard ceiling in the living room which effectively acts as a divider between both floors and skillfully hides the head of stylish glass staircase from view of living room. The lower section of the ceiling is  made of gypsum lacquer to have a reflective surface for the lighting and also enhance the grains of classy wooden floor.

2. Decorative style of plaster ceiling

The artistic plaster ceiling created as part of apartment renovation has given new life to a luminous living room painted in alabaster white tones that enhances the space.  The beautifully embellished fresco design that is characterized by  twin frames heightens the elegance of the room.

3. Perfectly lit library

Who would not like a cozy nook like this for storing and reading books that is lit with an inner glow ? Made entirely of plasterboard with a false square ceiling designed with light along its perimeter and LED back-light, the library is ideal for casual reading that can be done by just spreading oneself on a mat on the floor or relaxing on the chair nearby. 

4. Subtle covering for airconditioners

When setting up the heating and air-conditioning equipment for bedrooms separated by corridors the interior landscape designers decided to make a false ceiling with fluorescent lighting  to effectively hide the equipment's underside and wires and give a wonderful glow the corridor without the use of external light-bulbs. The smart and practical false ceiling design provides twin benefits with one solution.

5. Sensational hallway

The long sweeping design of this false ceiling across the corridor with lights glowing on its sides and embedded across the surface increase the visual length of the region. Besides creating a stunning pathway, the chunky ceiling design lends a dramatic effect to the otherwise simple corridor.

6. Subtle seperators

False ceilings that are generally created to improve the visual impact of a room can also be used to create subtle demarcations between different sections of the house that are spread across an open plan design. Here the false ceilings created above the modern living room furniture and dining area as separate pieces has deftly created two environments in the same floor without a visible divider. This has been done by keeping vacant space on the ceiling between both the false ceilings one of which is above the lounge area with couch and décor pieces followed by dining space on other side.

7. The roof that twinkles

Rooms like this dining region that are small and lack space to arrange decorative pieces can be given a stylish edge with a false ceiling design above like the one over here with edges and curves that brings out the light elements. The ceiling has been cleverly structured to hide the black door frame and give the region a well designed look by its Home Builders.

8. A false ceiling with design

In an area supported by trendy furniture and lacquered sliding door, the plain false ceiling creates an elegant environment with drop down lights made of glass that bathe the room in white glow. The design is subtle and stylish and has allowed a trendy light insert instead of having lights embedded into the setting that simple is a better option!

9. Creative fase ceiling dressed in wood inserts

Why stick to regular false ceiling with twinkling lights or glass inserts with LED bulbs glowing through if you can jazz it up with wood? The wood accents in this charming living room blend in with the decorative wall casing and look so stylish!  The living and dining spaces are neatly divided in two parts—with LED lighting embedded as horizontal bars while above the sofas stylish wooden beams hold tiny lamps giving out a golden glow.

10. Suspended across the corridor

False ceilings are also popular in commercial areas like offices and shops to create bright and welcoming interiors that enhance employee output and attract customers into the store. In this store, the false ceiling with recessed lights placed in the centre and spotlights on the sides, acts as a subtle guide to visitors through the different sections in the showroom.

Here are some more attractive ways to showcase your Personal style through lighting.

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