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A home filled with tradition and modernity

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Built in a 70-m2 area, this house is located in a residential area of Changwon, Seoul Korea. The Korean designers have paid keen attention to the design of the house that demanded unique patterns but with the same homely feel. The clever use of stone and wood has made this house seem nothing less than an architectural wonder. Engaging products and funky layouts further add to the uniqueness of this place. Let's take you on a round of this cool and chic property.


This house is built in a neighbourhood where all houses are cuddled together. Especially in these compact areas, it becomes all the more important to decorate the façade rather than backyard or sides. The façade gives the look of a house inside a house. It has been cleverly built by incorporating different sizes of windows, walls and even lighting. The open entrance is highly welcoming and separate from the façade of the house.


A cosy fence is built in the exterior of this building. The entrance is highlighted using coloured stone patterns in the flooring. It is a warm place surrounded by planters on all sides and is highly welcoming for the guests. The slight projection of the ceiling helps in protecting you from snow and rain while the perforated brick walls make a nice combination with the metallic door and beige exteriors. They let the easy incoming of yellow natural light for maximum brightness inside the house.


This two-tier structure is created using a fleet of stairs that takes you to the outdoor terrace. These stairs take you from the entrance directly to the attic that is a working laboratory, which was a specific requirement of the client. The bright timber and white railing help to further accentuate this effect. The staircase is built in such a way that it gives a clear view of all the floors that induces closeness and additional warmth amongst the inmates of the house.

Wide laboratory

The discerning client wanted a scientific theme, which surely comes with a laboratory décor. This place is designed on the basement and gives a personalised and private feel. It is perfect for carrying out sole experiments and is also ideal for having some solitary entertainment without bothering other inmates of the house. The large empty zone in the centre can be used for practising dance or other vocational activities. It is ideal for parties, discussions and rehearsals. Ambient lighting and modern textures make this place perfect for an entertainment freak.

Living room

The living room is located on the second floor that has a huge window and a mini laboratory desk. The attic bridges the connection between kitchen and living room. A bright hammock adds an additional seating area that is cool and chic at the same time. This place is given another cool touch with the placement of a cosy sewing machine in one corner. All together, this zone is highly personalised and functional with industrial style designs and patterns.

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Wood sliding door

The closed doors or hinged doors are here replaced by the sliding doors. These wooden structures are built in such a way that they look modern yet functional at the same time. The slight dashes of dark colour on lightly toned timber looks beautiful and totally apt for this wooden embellished apartment. These doors add an informal touch between the rooms, which adds a sense of space, and closeness.

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