A low maintenance and practical home!

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This prefabricated home is truly a low-maintenance home with all the perks. It is an efficient modular home that was created by the home building company Greenpods, based in Cape Town, South Africa. The group of designers and builders specialize in modular homes characterized by efficient building methods, energy savings, and in strategic low cost methods. 

These small homes start at just 160 square feet and are perfect for a starter home, modular or mobile school building, meeting room, security office, therapy room or building for a small attached home business, rural B&B, office, home gym, studio, or guest cottage. 

Take a tour of this practical, low-cost, and low-maintenance home from a behind-the-scenes in progress perspective below.

The home.

The home you see here is the company's 50 meter model, one of their medium-sized homes. This home is made up of sugar gum wood with a large deck. 


The pods have been designed as stand-alone units like this one, but they're also equipped to function as modular pods in an assembly of units. The floor plan is predetermined with a choice of finishes for bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens depending on the buyer's budget. 

The inside.

The inside is not large, but the space is filled with light with the help of large windows and doors. The best thing about these homes is that you can face them wherever you want them to achieve the best position

Open plan.

The small size of this home makes an open plan layout a wise choice; the kitchen, living, and dining areas are all housed in the same space, making for a communal and space-saving living arrangement. 

Efficient and functional.

Built-in cupboards make for an efficient installation. 

The fittings.

What you see really is what you get: even the fittings such as the lighting, fixtures, and foundation is included in the price when buying one of these modular homes!


With a collection of appliances—stove, microwave, oven, fridge assembled in a compact linear layout that emphasizes space efficiency and functionality.

Bedroom 1.

The bedroom enjoys a sunlit environment as light streams in through aluminum-framed windows (an excellent choice in terms of lowering the maintenance of the home).

With an intimate, ground-level view of the countryside that lies beyond the home, it's easy to see how this type of structure could serve well as a summer vacation home for a small family, or as a guest house or quiet retreat on your own property—an investment of a reasonable cost in the range $50,000. 

Bedroom 2.

The home offers a spacious feeling in both bedrooms—this one comes pre-equipped with reading lights, beside tables, bed frame, clever under bed storage, and an entire wall serving as a convenient closet for out-of-sight storage. Clearly, the practical side of family life has been carefully considered in this design, as the basic bedroom components have found their way into this simple, neutral space.


With a simple and functional design, the bathroom is very basic and low maintenance. With just enough space for what you need, the design allows plenty of sunlight and space, in an easy-clean environment. 

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