25 unexpectedly great ways to use drywall in your home

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Drywall (or plasterboard) is a fantastically useful and multipurpose building material. While your builders could wax lyrical about how handy and malleable it is, do you know just how many things you can make with it? 

We think you're going to be shocked by some of the incredible ways people have put drywall to good use, and at least one of these examples is bound to inspire you to create something new and exciting in your home design.

If you want to dream up some new accents and shapes for your interior, take a look at these ideas!

1. A walk-in wardrobe

A small section of drywall makes for a great walk-in wardrobe divide.

2. Fun room divides

When you want to add curves to your interior, drywall is the best choice.

3. A hallway divide

Section off an open hallway from a living room with a simple floating segment of drywall.

4. To cordon off a loft

Loft conversions can be perfectly boxed in with drywall.

5. For extra storage

Drywall offers fast and easy inset shelving opportunities.

6. As an open space divide

In an open space, simple plasterboard walls divide space without blocking out light.

7. Cool built-in shelves

Sculptural shelves are easy to make from drywall.

8. To carve niches

Stud walls offer easy niche shelving.

9. Easy kitchen storage

Drywall is perfect for inset kitchen shelves.

10. Cute corner shelves

Make more of your corners with a sheet of drywall.

11. Decorative ceilings

Drywall is perfect for making false ceilings, which can then be painted.

12. Technology casing

Box televisions in with drywall for a seamless look.

13. Decorative wall cladding

Funky wall additions can be simply carved from drywall.

14. Subtle shelves

Shelves built into the walls are simple if you use drywall.

15. Knick-knack displays

Alternative shapes look great in drywall, especially for cool collection displays.

16. Bedroom divides

What a great way to box off an en suite bathroom.

17. Decorative lighting displays

Is it a headboard? A shelf? Or a lighting display? It's all three, built from drywall!

18. A home library

Pokey corners have so much more practicality when you add drywall shelving.

19. Housing air conditioning

Drywall works brilliantly to create a sleek air conditioning installation.

20. Amazing false ceilings

Light and malleable, drywall is ideal for false ceilings with built-in lighting.

21. To create an extra room

For a fast an easy way to divide one room into two.

22. Subtle functional divides

Use drywall to make different ceiling heights in an open space.

23. To house spotlights

All you need is a hole saw and some dry wall and you have easy spotlight integration!

24. Lightweight sliding doors

Sliding doors can be sleek and light.

25. To blend in materials

To introduce accent materials, drywall is the perfect base material that anything adheres to.

For more cool shelving styles, take a look at this Ideabook: Ideas for people who want better-than-average shelving.

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