10 ways to decorate your home with natural textures

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Natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, mud and limestone create wonderful textures and excellent visuals. This is why using natural textures to decorate homes is so popular. Natural materials have a way of making any room more cosy and rustic. In this ideabook, we will illustrate how to incorporate natural textures into your home. We have ideas here for every budget so don't worry. Decorating your home doesn't have to expensive, especially if you're using natural materials which you could source out for free. All we need is a little imagination and some patience. 

We hope you will find some inspiration to decorate your home from our ideas here. Let's browse through these pictures shall we? 

1. Plastered walls

Plastered walls are a great way of putting on the natural look if you're on a budget. They look just as fantastic as proper stone walls and have the added advantage of being rather flat rather than bulky, which makes sense if you want to hang pictures on the wall. 

2. Wooden beams

Wooden beams are lovely. They're so rustic yet so elegant and classy. The straight long horizontal lines go well with the modern minimalist style as well as the more rugged traditional styles. So don't be afraid to use wooden beams anywhere! 

3. Natural kitchen island

Kitchen islands may be cool, but natural kitchen islands are even cooler! Pictured here we see a wood and stone countertop kitchen island. It's relatively simple to fit in a natural kitchen island into your modern kitchen, just add some other natural materials around the kitchen to harmonise the feel. 

4. Foliage!

Mind you, the natural materials don't all have to be dead, they can be alive too like this natural feature highlighted here in this picture. A whole wall of foliage brings this apartment to life with its vibrant shades of green and lush foliage. 

5. DIY

The best thing do is to do-it-yourself, not because you will get the desired results but because you want the satisfaction of making something yourself. Decorating your home with natural textures can be quite cheap if you do it yourself. For example, you can re-use an old gunny sack and turn it into a lampshade, or you can collect stones and shells for your home. 

6. Stone sink

Does your bathroom feel like too much of tiles or concrete? An easy solution is to integrate a stone sink such as the one pictured here into your bathroom. There are so many varieties of stone sinks available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Choose something that matches the colour scheme of your bathroom, or something that creates a harmonious contrast with it. 

7. Man cave?

Have you ever fancied a man cave? What about a bathroom cave instead? After all, the bathroom is one of those places in the house where everyone will allow you to have your me time. Pictured here we see a beautiful natural rocky wall lining one wall of the bathroom, and the textures are simply amazing. 

8. Clay pots

Clay pots will save your day anytime so look out for cute ones like the one pictured here. They're a great way of adding some natural textures to your home in small but meaningful way. 

9. Mud tiles

Don't forget about the flooring when it comes to incorporating natural textures into your home! Pictured here we see mud and cement tiles in different shades of earthy colours creating geometrical shapes on the floor.  

10. Stone slabs

Last but not least, stone slabs are a great way of giving walls some natural texture. They also add more visual interest to wall space. So if you're using a particular wall to display stuff as pictured here, a stone slab wall might be just the right thing to bring attention to it. 

We hope you've enjoyed your time here in homify. For more inspiration and home decoration ideas, have a look at home decorating ideas

Which natural look do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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