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13 practical solutions for your kitchen

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Are you ready to redesign, remodel or upgrade your kitchen? Don't know where to start? Then you've come to the right place! Our tips are here to help you make the most of your kitchen space—with minimal clutter, smart storage tricks, user-friendly ideas, and innovative layouts. Scroll down and be inspired by these useful kitchen solutions that will definitely make cooking easier and more fun!

1. ​Secret drawers

Every kitchen needs a decent number of drawers. Pictured here is a smart way to conceal them, which, from the outside, looks like a tall cabinet. Fromthe inside, however, there are multiple shelves you can pull out easily when youneed something.

2. Nut accessories

Combine functionality and aesthetics all in one when you invest in a chic nutcracker like this one!

​3. Furniture to wow

It is a perfectly good idea to combine your kitchen and dining areas. Pictured here is a kitchen island that is half storage and half dining table. Enjoy kitchen activities and then take a moment to relax on these wonderful, sturdy wooden chairs.

​4. On the wall

Wall-mounted racks are definitely underrated. These can be used to store mugs, teacups, and spices or even hang cutlery with hooks. If your kitchen has a rustic look, go for an old school, dark wood shelf with a dull finish

5. ​Sleek corner bar

Ifyou have enough space, you should definitely play around with it to createsomething new. Ditching the kitchen island idea, the designers decided to dosomething unique here. The exposed white brick wall holds a TV anda bar counter, making it the perfect modern place to relax.

​6. Countertop storage

This storage idea is definitely worth considering for your own kitchen. Embedded in the countertop are different containers. These can be used to store dishes after washing or place cutlery for easy access.

7. ​Foldable storage

When you have a lot of space but want to make things simpler, you should opt for a drawer design like the one seen here. The cabinet cover is designed in a way that can collapse and be folded. When you want to show off your cutlery, simply open it up halfway!

8. High shelves

For smaller kitchens, it's essential to make the most of whatever space you have. This home has a small dining table to separate the kitchen from the living area. Above the table are simple wall-mounted shelves that can hold spices and cups. Sometimes, less is more.

9. ​Store your spices

We love this funky spice storage rack! If you don’t have drawers to hold spices, invest in something like this. This rack takes up less space and is easy to move around in the kitchen. If you're a baker, you can use this rack to store cake decorations.

10. ​Island wonder

Some traditional kitchens require a more traditional approach. This elongated space needed careful planning, which is why the designers decided to put a long island in the middle to maximise space.

11. ​Drawer in a drawer

For those who love minimalism, such clever storage ideas can help maintain the theme, even in the kitchen. Drawers for storing cutlery are usually not too deep, so you can combine multiple layers to get maximum storage space.

12. ​Magnetic power

Give your kitchen a fun makeover with magnetic utensils and cutlery. Gone are the days of plastic utensils! Bring home these new kitchen accessories in bright colours to make cooking a fun family activity.

13. ​Bright and fun

Use the colours of your food in your kitchen as well! Bright reds, yellows, and oranges will definitely make everyone sitting in your kitchen very hungry. Find unusual spots, such as below the countertop or wall-mounted shelves and turn them into an oasis of colour.

Now that we've reached the end of our list, which one is your favourite? For even more smart tips, check out: 10 bright kitchen ideas you'll wish you'd thought of

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