A beautiful and furnished home of 3000 sqft for the Indian family

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Интерьер дома в современном стиле, коттеджный поселок «Небо», 272 кв.м., Студия Павла Полынова Студия Павла Полынова Minimalist study/office
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Here we offer you an enjoyable day tour inside this chic villa characterised by ultra modern designs with even distribution of space inside the rooms. Let’s take a look at what designs make this abode the stylish and modern space it is:

A simple and practical entrance

The entrance of the villa is elegant and simple and houses practical things like a coat hook, a mirror, and a small stool to sit comfortable while wearing or removing shoes.

Living room

From the entrance, we move to the living room. A spacious room fully furnished in beige, the living room offers comfort and distinction.

The beige of the room and the light flowing in, make the room glow with warmth. Cross light of the lights and the natural light from the window adds to the volume to the room.

The other corner of the room

The furniture in this room face the TV screen and the accessories on the wall. With simple shelves, a small library is managed. Also note the installation of the soft lights on the ceiling that calm and relax the soul.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

A separating wall between the kitchen and living room

The wooden poles in between the living room and the kitchen create a posh separation. This makes ensures the most usage of open space.

The kitchen

The kitchen is furnished with elegant and modern furniture with comfortable chairs and a distinct table. Chandeliers on the ceiling light up the food on the table.

Kitchen bar

The spacious kitchen has enough area for various other functions. In the kitchen, we have a large kitchen cabinet and a bar with enough space to move around easily.

Corner dinner

Along with the bar in the kitchen, there is also a corner diner for quick bites during hurried mornings. Lights are employed to illuminate the space better.

Office room

The basement of the home has a full room office with everything you would need to stay inside and achieve productivity.

Here’s another perspective of the office room

The room has an ergonomic desk, chair and sofa at your disposal so you can watch TV or read books to catch a break.

The villa corridor

The corridor within the house connects the various rooms of the house with a view of the outer garden. The corridor is a reflection of all the colours in the house. It also has a wooden staircase that takes us to the upper floor.

Checkout 7 staircase designs for small homes here.


The stairs lead to a bedroom upstairs that includes a bath.


The large bedroom is characterised by simple, quiet decoration complete with trendy colours.

Variety in lighting

The room is illuminated by a variety of lighting. The transparent curtains allow more light inside. The lighting is further enhanced by the lights on the walls and the ceiling.

Guest bedroom

The guest bedroom provides maximum comfort to visitors and guests at the home. It permits the best of relaxation and recreation.

The bathroom

We end our tour with a view of the bathroom. Designed elegantly with bold colours, the bathroom’s lighting is distributed evenly through the different spaces to relax and comfort you.

We hope you enjoyed the Interior design of a modern villa. Try them and share your comments.

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