Indoor plants to brighten up your home

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Plants can add such a natural vibe to a room. They (real plants!) require some tender loving care, but when looked after, indoor plants are the best way to brighten up your home. A touch of palm in the corner of the living room, a bonsai on the wall shelf, a tiny aloe in the kitchen, indoor plants can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Trick is to choose the right size, right variety and quirky pots and holders to add an interesting touch to overall aesthetics. Easy access to regular or exotic plants both online and offline, has made use of greens possible everywhere. So go ahead, experiment and show your love for nature through display of beautiful fresh plants in your home. Here are few ideas that can be incorporated while setting up indoor plants.

A dedicated plant zone

When there is luxury of space, a plant zone can be created easily either with tiny varieties or bigger ones. Its like an oasis in the middle of the house. Plants have a calming effect, and a green zone is surely going to add to the peace and quiet. Perfect for relaxing the mind, plants have been known to bring down stress and anxiety. Some plants are also known to purify air and hence are perfect choice for this kind of arrangement indoors. Its common to see such green zones in offices and hospitals.

In the dining area

Using plants to add life to living areas Custom Media Classic style dining room Natural Fibre Green Accessories & decoration
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Using plants to add life to living areas

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Bright natural light through the huge windows and spacious room make this a perfect place to use indoor plants around the dining space. This is a huge room with big furniture pieces, hence it calls for big sized plants. They are carefully placed at the corners so that they don't interfere with any movement across the room while the incoming sunshine ensures, the plants get their daily quota of sun. How awesome is that!

Beautiful bathroom incorporating plants

Using plants in large bathrooms Custom Media Classic style bathroom Natural Fibre Decoration
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Using plants in large bathrooms

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Why ignore the bathroom when indoor plants are a part of the interiors for the rest of the house? When space is available, taller and more elaborate plants can be easily used for the corners. When not, use the bathroom counters and windows to place Bonsai or other smaller versions. Instead of adding inanimate objects, use plants to decorate the bathroom to make it more lively.

In the kitchen

Kitchen plants Custom Media Classic style kitchen Natural Fibre Accessories & textiles
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Kitchen plants

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A regular kitchen with all the cabinets and appliances becomes a livelier version of itself with indoor plants placed strategically. Kitchen is a busy place and there's is constant movement most of the time, so take care of not placing the plants on the counter, but in corners which are unused. Like in this image, plants are placed on the window and on the wall counter that immediately lift up the mood of this otherwise dull area.

Some green for the bedroom

Plants to liven up bedrooms Custom Media Classic style bedroom Natural Fibre Accessories & decoration
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Plants to liven up bedrooms

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Personal space too could do well with a bit of green charm. Place a small potted plant on the study desk or at the bedside and it makes a big difference to the energy in the room. An instant refresher, indoor plants in the bedroom can liven up the atmosphere. One can even match the pot / holder to the upholstery to make it blend seamlessly into theme of the room. Flowering varieties are even better choices for the bedroom.

In the lounge area

Plants with texture Custom Media Classic style living room Accessories & decoration
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Plants with texture

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Contrast the pale grey and white color scheme with a couple of high indoor plants. The plants add an interesting touch to the entire setting. Always refreshing and lively, the plants are tall enough to not go unnoticed in the corners with big size sofas around. This is particularly helpful when the room is huge and/or with high ceilings. The corners can be best utilized for placing bigger and taller plant variants.

A tiny pot on the window sill

Pot plants in design Custom Media Interior garden Interior landscaping
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Pot plants in design

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Add a touch of green right at the window with some tiny potted plants on the sill. It can be the bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom window. While adding some beauty to the interiors, plants on the window look lovely from the outside too. Don't be surprised when neighbors compliment on the pretty windows of your home. Its easier when there is sunlight coming in. A single pot or a few of them to cover the entire sill, one can rarely go wrong with indoor plants.

There no sight more sore than a withered dead plant in the room. Green leafy friends do need utmost care and attention. Love them and they flourish in full glory. Its important to choose the variety that is most suitable to the local climate else they would not survive. Also, most plants varieties need watering, trimming, good soil and sunshine in order to remain healthy. So go ahead and take the plunge. Add some green to your home with beautiful indoor plants and make your rooms come alive with freshness and positive energy.

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