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10 window grilles that are beautiful and protect your home

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As people throng to urban areas and cities become more crowded home protection has never been more important. But if you think safety measures will ruin the beauty of your home, then we've got a pleasant surprise for you. Gone are the days of heavy iron window grilles that make your home look and feel like a prison, today we're looking at some stunning examples that will add to the visual impact of your home rather than taking away from it.

Some of these grilles are ornate pieces with all of the charm of a Victorian mansion, while others are simple and bold, but all of them will give your home added protection so that you can relax in the knowledge that you and your family are safe from intruders. So if you know you need a little added security, but you're unsure if it will ruin the appeal of your home, then join us as we ease your concerns, and look at some gorgeous, but impenetrable homes! 

1. Window grille with classic iron

homify Rustic style windows & doors Windows

The simple elegance of a classic iron grille will protect your home without diminishing the impact of your facade. The beautiful timber window frames are still clearly visible, but the iron bars provide a necessary deterrent to potential thieves.

2. Window grille that are matching the frames

Cocina + ventanas Radrizzani Rioja Arquitectos Eclectic style kitchen Ceramic White kitchen,garden view,storage

With black window frames, black steel grilles will look like a natural part of the windows, while the thin bars ensure you are not obscuring the views outside.

3. Window grille with artistic bamboo shape

Edelstahl Geländer und Sicherheit, Edelstahl Atelier Crouse: Edelstahl Atelier Crouse: Modern garden Accessories & decoration

This is a great option for those who are put off by bar grilles; a beautiful but sturdy bamboo ornament that protects your window, and gives your home some exotic charm.

4. Interior grilles

Living Room Window Absolute Project Management Classic style living room

If you'd rather not affect the facade of your home at all you can opt for interior grilles. This simple steel grille does not affect the sunlight or views outside, and with the addition of wooden shutters that can be closed from the inside you have double protection for you and your family.

5. Vintage shutters

Elegant Bathroom Casa Più Arredamenti elegant bathroom

These vintage shutters give your home a classic appeal, with an interlocking pattern that casts beautiful shadows over the interior.

6. Timeless simplicity

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains WAFFLE Design Classic style windows & doors Curtains & drapes

The only thing more impactful than black on black is black on white, it's a bold statement that looks trendy and modern. Plus the combination of black and white will look fantastic regardless of the interior decor.

7. Wrought iron

homify Rustic style doors Doors

These gorgeous wrought iron shutters look delicate, but you can be sure they will keep out intruders!

8. Wooden shutters

La casa de Tere y Miguel, FGMarquitecto FGMarquitecto Rustic style windows & doors

For a more natural look, wooden grilles area a fantastic addition to the decor, and as you can see here they complement the colour palette of this home perfectly.

9. Safety first

Window homify Commercial spaces Commercial Spaces

If you put safety first, then you may want to opt for the most protective grilles possible, in which case these horizontal steel bars are the way to go. You can always paint them to match the facade like they have here, but the message is clear; nobody's getting in these windows!

10. Invisible grilles

Siete Viviendas y garaje entre medianeras, Arquibox Arquibox Minimalist windows & doors

With ultra thin metal bars it doesn't look you have a grille at all, rather it blends into the design of the facade.

11. Intimidating, yet elegant

homify Rustic style windows & doors Windows

The combination of materials here, iron, timber, and brick, looks completely impenetrable, yet still has visual appeal due to the inherent beauty of the materials, and the ornate pattern in the centre of the grille that ensures this home is as charming as it is safe.

With so many options we're sure you'll find something perfect for your home, whether your main concern is safety, aesthetics, or both! For more great home tips check out these fantastic ideas for small bedrooms!

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