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15 Creative headboard designs for your bedroom

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Headboards are a great way to add something new to your bedroom without taking up too much of your budget or space. They're also relatively simple to install on your own, and it doesn't require much skill to build one on your own either. Today, you will be spoiled for choice with our selection of creative headboard designs and ideas for your bedroom. 

Headboards can be used to define your sleeping area or even make your bed look nicer. We hope you will manage to find a suitable headboard design and idea for your bed here. Remember, a little bit of imagination can go a long way.     

1. Utilise different materials

Use your imagination and utilise different types of materials for your headboard. For example, you can use an old door, old windows, or even part of a coffee table. Pictured here we see some old vintage wooden window panels being used to create a rustic headboard for the bed. Isn't it amazing how a headboard can help to minimally decorate a plain room?  

2. Padded headboards

If you're looking for a more sophisticated and classy look, try out padded headboards like the one pictured here. You can either buy it together with the bed or separately. For a more uniform look, it's recommended to buy it with the bed. However, if you prefer to mix and match, go for a headboard piece that will stand out yet maintain a certain sense of neutrality. 

3. Functional headboard

A headboard doesn't have to be purely decorative, it can be functional too. For example, headboards can function as cabinets or shelves to store stuff. Pictured here we see an extended headboard that is used as a storage cabinet as well. 

4. Unusually shaped headboard

If you're looking for something unique in your bedroom, you might want to try an unusually shaped headboard like the one pictured here. You can even add some pendant lamps or other hanging decorations if you have a headboard like the one pictured here. 

5. Bright-coloured headboard

A bright-coloured headboard can liven up a dull room without much effort. It also can be a way to add an accent colour to your bedroom. For example, pictured here we can see that the orange headboard matches the orange lampshade, and some of the posters on the wall have hints of orange in them as well. This is one of the ways you can add an accent colour to your room to brighten it up. 

6. Antique wood in pastel shades

Another great idea for a headboard is to use antique wood in pastel shades. It works especially well if your bedroom has some elements of wood in it as well. Pastel colours give the headboard a cool vintage feel and also blends in well with other colours. 

7. Minimalist headboard

A minimalist headboard is basically a simple headboard without any frills or elaborate designs. Pictured here we see a simple wooden headboard that looks light and uncomplicated just like the bedroom. 

8. Traditional headboard

kleine Musterwohnung, K. A. K. A. Scandinavian style bedroom

Bedrooms do not necessarily have to look modern to be cool. Sometimes, a traditional style bed with a metal headboard can look stylish if you know how to combine different materials properly. 

9. Wrought headboard

In order to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom, you might want to try wrought headboards just like the one pictured here. Wrought headboards are super classy and elegant. If you're a romantic at heart or you're lovesick for a nostalgic feeling, this is your choice. 

10. Modern headboard

Modern headboards are easy to find and don't cost a lot either. Pictured here we see a padded headboard in subtle grey against an exposed brick wall enhancing the industrial design style of this bedroom. A bright yellow door adds a striking contrast to the dull colours in the room. 

11. Pallet headboard

Pallets can be used for a myriad of things including headboards. Pictured here we see how a simple pallet has been attached with lights to make an artistic looking headboard for the bed. If you want your headboard to stand out, make sure you contrast it with the colour of the wall behind it. 

12. Elaborate headboard

Pictured here we see an elaborate headboard with intricate designs. It is larger than usual and is also painted in a cheery yellow colour which seems to brighten up the bedroom. The intricate patterns carved out in the headboard definitely is one of the most elegant decorative elements in the bedroom. 

13. Solid wood headboard

If you like lots of wood in your bedroom, it might be worthwhile considering a solid wood headboard like the one pictured here. It will probably give your bedroom a more traditional and cosy feel. 

14. Unique headboard

Keep in mind that headboards need not be solid. They can also have a room divider concept like the one pictured here. This will also give the bedroom a more open and airy feel with a nostalgic country house mood. 

Striking headboard

Last but not least, if you want to leave a striking impression choose some bright colours for your headboards. Notice how the red headboards pictured here give life to the whole room? This is what you need to recreate. 

We hope you've found a style that suits your personality and your bedroom. For more inspiration and bedroom ideas, have a look at 5 beautiful bedroom designs

Which headboard design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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