5 indoor garden ideas for a small home

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Too often people complain that they can't have a garden as they have no space. But lack of space should never stop one from trying. A green hand can turn even the tiniest of spaces into a garden. Be it a bunch of creepers in the corner of a room, or a couple of potted plants in a nook in the house, even a tiny space can be turned into a garden with a dash of imagination. So here are some indoor garden ideas for different kinds of indoor spaces.

Rock garden

Those who don't have the luxury of a hidden space at home to turn into a garden need not give up hope. Here a square patch in the middle of a room has been turned into a mini rock garden. If the house is tiled one can always remove a single big tile in the middle of a room and create a space like this. Pebbles in shades of yellow and white fill the hollow square patch, a couple of rocks, plants that grow to a medium height indoors like succulents and bonsai plants and a single decorative piece of bamboo shoots in a bowl complete this mini rock garden.

Alcove garden

This little alcove between a window and wall in a house has been turned into a garden with some innovative techniques. Often one finds a space like this behind the foyer in an apartment or house and this is the perfect idea to turn that space into an indoor garden. The ground has been covered with pebbles and soil and sprinkled with some big stones that form a tiny pathway. There is no restriction on the kind of plants one can plant here, as long as there is light available to help these plants grow.

Indoor balcony garden

Often people have a balcony that is partially or completely covered and receives very little sunlight. For a space like that this indoor balcony garden idea is perfect. Panelling the floor with wooden boards and giving one wall a rough wooden surface will highlight the garden feel of this space. As for the plants air purifying plants like Areca Palms and Peace Lilies are good choices and if the ceiling is a bit high one can even opt for a miniature tree. Here's a patio garden idea.

Miniature garden

Those who don't have the time or energy to maintain a whole bunch of plants and flowers can opt for this miniature garden idea by DAVID JIMÉNEZ. ARQUITECTURA Y PAISAJE. All it requires is for a corner of a room to be covered in pebbles and soil and one can fill the area with a brightly coloured air purifying plant like Snake Plant here. If the space doesn't get too much light one can even fit a yellow light here to help the plants grow.

Tree garden

Those who have a high ceiling area in their home that is lying unused can turn it into this tree garden. A portion of the house has been cordoned off with glass here and wooden sections have been created on the floor for various kinds of plants. One can opt for bamboo trees, but they grow to a great height so they will need to be regularly trimmed. A date or palm tree on the other hand is a safer choice that would need less work.

Check out these garden chairs for balconies and patios to go with such an indoor garden.

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