17 interior design ideas from designers in Pune, India

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Making even the smallest and simplest places aesthetic and functional is the modern design mantra for the Indian homeowners today. They want to settle for nothing but the best colours, textures and decorative accents when it comes to giving their homes a stylish and cosy look. And that is exactly why we have brought you 17 inspiring ideas which will set your heart racing. From furniture to lighting, textiles, wall decor pieces, and false ceilings, you will find designs which will encourage your creative juices to flow. Credit for the collection goes to the interior designers and decorators at Takeaway Interiors.

1. Bold and modern home

A bold and fiery shade of orange adds lots of energy and life to this trendy living space. The L-shaped sofa with plump cushions looks inviting, while sleek designs soothe the eye.

The dining and bar counter combine white and orange too, making for a vibrant setting to enjoy drinks and good food. Stylish furniture, slim lamps, wall-mounted shelves and blue recessed lighting complete the look.

2. Nature-inspired living

Warm and cosy rattan furniture with silky upholstery in shades of green and brown make this living room very nature-loving. The grassy rug, round poufs, pretty coffee tables and wall arts add to the earthy atmosphere.

Stylish and peaceful green recessed lighting and a bird backdrop for the entertainment unit enhance the natural vibe in the living space. Pretty decorative lamps and a backlit glass partition are other elegant touches.

3. Unique prayer nook

Strings made of beads have been arranged in a semicircular manner to create an unusual but beautiful nook for puja. The neat shelves are perfect for arranging divine figurines, while the green light ensures a peaceful ambiance.

4. Stylish entrance

Composed of beautiful double doors, the entrance is stylish and secure. While the outer door is a filigreed affair, the inner door has silvery patterns etched all over it. A tall mirror at the end of the entryway reflects the pretty ceiling lamps and enhances the spaciousness of the corridor.

5. Charming bedroom

This feminine and cosy bedroom gets a dose of unique style from the gorgeous white butterflies on the wall. Pinks and purples add a charming note to the space as well.

In the evenings, the lights fitted behind the butterflies are switched on to create a mysterious purple glow in the bedroom.

6. Jazzy home theatre

We love the fiery orange ceiling of the home theatre decked with circular black decorative pieces. The effect is stunning.

The pyramidal shelf you see is a very unique piece adding personality to the theatre. It comes with recessed lights as well.

7. Cheerful bedroom

Bright floral prints and colours like blue, pink and some metallic sheen make this bedroom luxurious and cheerful. Letterings and pretty decor pieces jazz up the wall, while the study unit with sleek shelves and a revolving chair looks very trendy.

8. Trendy TV unit

This wall-mounted TV unit is composed of many tiny white shelves fitted with blue recessed lights for an unusual impact.

9. Explosion of colours

Bold shades of red, green, blue, pink, orange and yellow make this kid’s room lively and playful. The smart study station, fairytale curtains, fun Mickey Mouse chair, and happy looking storage bins add to the attraction here.

The bunk beds save space and create a playful sleeping environment for the kids. Colourful bedding and a trendy false ceiling help too.

10. Soothing bathroom

Soft creamy tones and stylish sanitary fixtures are the highlights of this elegant bathroom. Beautifully lighted niches with miniature flower vases and a large mirror make for a bright and soothing atmosphere.

11. Serene balcony

A large embossed Buddha wall art decked with artificial vines and golden lights make this balcony extremely calm and relaxing. Iron circles affixed with the protective grille help in arranging the flower pots.

Artificial grass matting on the floor and gorgeous white pebbles create an organic ambiance in the balcony.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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