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A single-family home (where every room is beautiful)

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Decorating a home is a joyous endeavour irrespective of its size and everyone indulges in it wholeheartedly to showcase their personal flair for creativity. While most engage the professional assistance of interior decorators and designers to decorate the single family house according to their financial status, several others try to do the job themselves relying on past experience with similar projects.

In this ideabook we shall explore a gorgeous little modern house of that is as beautiful inside as it is outside with eclectic combination of old and new design styles. Though the facade is typical of cozy country homes with pitched roof, the structure is both modern and comfortable with creative additions that make it stand out from other homes in the neighborhood.

1. Open balcony above the sunroom

The glass extension is simply flawless in its design that allows sunshine to keep the region well light throughout the day, just as the furniture and house plants create a cozy and comfortable space when the blinds are pulled down. The upper section of the extension houses a tiny open balcony just off the bedroom allowing owners to step out and enjoy the weather and beautiful garden.    

2. Charming front entrance

With a charming garden before it the front entrance is reachable by wide granite steps leading up from the base floor. The twin jute planters with colorful flowers create a welcoming ambience in partnership with the gorgeous door made of timber and frosted glass. The dominating element here is the chocolate-brown wood in various surfaces like the entrance roof, entrance door and garage door that helps creates symmetry of design.

3. Inspired by the countryside

Don't the exteriors look charming and attractive with a traditional blue gable roof, sparkling white walls and wooden accents. The grey grilled boundary wall adds to the security creating a tidy exterior surrounded by a beautiful garden with flowers and shrubs. From this angle you can also see that the house has a spacious garage and a cobbled driveway from gate to the front entrance that is spread across the front yard of the house.  

4. Trendy patio

The sun room opens into a lovely patio with brown tiled floor that is ideal for setting up barbecue parties, al fresco dining, or just enjoying tea or coffee on a pleasant evening. The outdoor furniture that matches the floor is perfect for casual dining and picnics.

5. Interiors of the sun room

An enclosure made of glass is a perfect arrangement when there is plenty of greenery around the house and there are no other houses in immediate vicinity. The region can perform multiple functions like a green house for fragile flower varieties, sun room to enjoy warmth and perfect room to enjoy bliss of rains without getting wet!!  The custom built enclosure planned and arranged by glass manufacturers has been beautifully decorated with plants, comfy sofas and blinds in similar tones to create a warm and enjoyable seating area that can be enjoyed at all times irrespective of the weather.

6. Modern dining area

We now take you indoors to the modern dining region that is neatly arranged with rectangular table and chairs all of which face long row of sliding glass doors. Tiny sparkling drop down lights of steel and crystal cast an intimate glow over the table, while the wispy lace curtains give a clear view of the garden outside providing perfect subjects for dinner discussions.

7. Trendy living room

The interiors of this eclectic living room have been elegantly designed to suit the simple taste of its owners with colourful wallpaper and polished wood floor. The stunning chandelier enhances the style quotient of the region which also has a trendy set of wooden cabinets making this this space homely and cosy.

8. Composite kitchen

We adore the unusual styling done by kitchen designers to dress the kitchen cabinets in three distinct colors that are in sync with overall color palette of the kitchen. Snow white cabinets above the counters extending to almost the ceiling reduce visual distraction from depth of the kitchen's center. The pared-back feel of the kitchen is enhanced by the long island that is ideal for food preparation making it ideal for large families. 

9. Bedroom

Remember the balcony you saw earlier? This bedroom opens out the region hence the sloping ceiling with colorful wallpaper that gives the region a boho chic vibe. Quirky decor and sofa with a guitar beside it shows that the region is an artist's den and also a work space.

10. White bathroom

A white bathroom may seem impractical to you but the smart use of colours and materials makes the region spacious. Combination of patterned tiles, floating cabinets below the wash basin generally makes the owners forget the limited space in this room and they have to bend heads in a hurry avoid the slanting roof above the bathtub.

11. Guest bathroom

The guest bathroom actually a functional toilet but it has been decorated in a stylish manner in sync with the overall atmosphere of the house. Combination of dark tiles on the wall, steel bathroom accessories and marbled wash basin looks trendy, while a long rectangular mirror fixed along the wall enhances space and diffuses lights making the region light and bright

12. Minimalist elegance

If you were wondering how the insides of the home would look behind the triangle jutting out of the roof then we shall satisfy your curiosity with this picture.  The region has been cozily decorated with adorable football bean bags and large plant to create a cozy reading nook and stakeout area for children's games.

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