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Home Gym ideas for a healthy family

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Maintaining a healthy body is essential to have a trouble free life and most of us try to achieve that with a few minutes of brisk walking every morning. But with age and growing responsibilities at work few have the time to follow a proper exercise routine like going to a gym or indulging in some sport on a regular basis. A typical commercial gym is not for everyone as some people do not like to use sweat stained equipment used by others and find it difficult to take out time from scheduled routine to go to gym. 

All these problems can be taken care of when purchase of gym equipment for the family is regarded as a long term investment. Unused areas of the home like an abandoned store room, attic, large garage or even a balcony can be converted into a gym with light equipment to keep everyone fit and healthy. Here are some clever gym areas designed by Homify’s experts that can meet everyone’s demand for suitable exercise equipment and  motivating environment.

In the lap of nature

Дом Millennium-park, 420 м², Bronx Bronx Eclectic style gym

The extensive greenery visible from the large window and roof to floor length mirrors create just the right ambience for this exercise room. The eclectic mix of equipment and relaxation makes this small and perfectly put together gym a great place to work out every morning. Designer has cleverly created this space keeping space constraints in mind and the need for complete privacy during exercise. The book shelf between gym and living room provides twin advantages of privacy and storage space to keep books and other necessary stuff.

Sea facing gym

There cannot be any other enchanting place as this for a gym. The panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and wide blue skies is invigorating enough to try out light exercises even without a gym. To bring in the early morning sunshine and fresh air, this gym has been built at a perfect angle on the terrace. The entire terrace has an ethereal look with white marble floor and roof with recessed light and light blue equipment.

Work and body care

This gym design shows that it is easy to combine work and leisure at the same place and do it with joy. The convenience of work station and gym in the same room is every health aficionado’s dream. Instead of being cramped the room is spacious and has gentle ambience of grey walls, white furniture and equipment which is a combination of both colors. Skylight placed cleverly just above the equipment is the highlight of this attractively designed room.

Cool and easy

Built on an open balcony this minimalist style gym comprises of large equipment to take advantage of this spacious area.  To create a large shady space for exercise the roof has been extended to almost the rim of the balcony and has been designed with beautiful wooden roof paneling. Wooden bench built on the side has similar paneling as the roof for gym users to relax after a heavy workout. The wide wooden balustrade on  balcony’s boundary wall is perfect matched with beautiful white limestone floor.

Family gym

When a large joint family stays together then sharing meals and holidays together is as important as doing exercise together. Doing workouts with one or several people at home keeps everyone motivated and creates an atmosphere of camaraderie. The top floor of this house has been converted into a full-fledged gym with wide variety of exercise equipment and solid wooden floor. Four to five people can exercise together at this massive well laid out gym whether they are family members or friends and spend quality time together.

Workout space for a professional

The warm yellow walls with elegant wall paper and wide windows with pretty yellow shades create the right atmosphere for this personal gym of a professional sports person. The expensive bench exercise equipment and punching bag is perfect for a professional boxer as these are meant to strengthen upper body muscles.

Minimalistic gym cum play area

From this spacious layout of exercise equipment and playing gadgets like golf stick it is obvious that the owner of this gym is keen about healthy mind and body. Subtle touches to the room include alcove shelf built into the wall that holds water bottles and fresh clean towels needed for bath every morning. Built conveniently adjacent to the large bathroom this gym allows user to try out exercise equipment in this minimalist style gym and the go for a relaxing shower.

Trendy exercise room

Doing exercise on a daily basis is not everyone’s cup of tea and most people need plenty of motivation to get into shape through daily exercise. When a wide variety of options are available like this walker, cycle, boxing rack and even a bench press one does not need any more motivation. Large mirror and rustic brick walls create an easy going environment for the user.

Need more inspiration to start a home gym? Then try out these fun gym layouts in this idea-book.

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