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Bright and trendy makeover of a dull home in Bangalore

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Giving and old and drab home a new lease of life is no mean task. But the architects at Space Collage in Bangalore have achieved this with style in this apartment. Previously, the home was gloomy and groaning under the burden of ordinary furniture and stale paint. But now, trendy designs, vibrant colours and elegant materials have made a world of difference to it. Creative lighting and warm touches have contributed to the change as well.

Entryway: Depressing to bright

Once gloomy and commonplace, the entryway now looks bright, spacious and welcoming. Soft cream hues and ample lighting have made this possible. The stylish wooden storage unit holds shoes, acts like a bench and comes with a tall extension for displaying decorative pieces. Clever!

Living space: Dull to vibrant

Ageing walls and lack of decorative touches made the living area morose and unwelcoming before. But today, thanks to a vibrant striped wallpaper and stylish false ceiling, it is unrecognisable. Bright recessed lights help as well.

Another view: Lifeless to warm

This part of the living space opens up to the garden through large glass windows. Previously, it lacked character or cosiness. But warm colours and elegant wooden detailing lend a whole new look to it now.

Dining space: Boring to wow

Lacklustre walls, a mundane floor and ordinary furniture didn’t do anything to make the living space look inviting. But look at it now! Cream-hued walls, glossy flooring, trendy and bright lighting and a sleek wooden TV unit with colourful backdrop make for a lively setting.

Kitchen: Unimpressive to awesome

Old-fashioned backsplash tiles and ordinary dark cabinets were the curses of this kitchen before. Post renovation, gleaming surfaces in different shades of brown lend depth, character and visual interest to it. There is an adequate number of cabinets to store all essentials, and the black countertop makes a contrasting statement here.

Closet: Dated to modern

The dark old-fashioned closet in this bedroom needed an urgent and contemporary replacement. And that is exactly what happened. The new grey and white piece is very sleek, trendy and full of personality. Sliding doors enhance its efficiency.

Another closet: Ordinary to smart

Rendered in light-coloured wood, the old closet with its mirrored door and glass shelves looked a little tacky. It didn’t go well with the renovated home. So the new closet in dark grey and white was brought in to make a smart style statement. It’s sleek, minimal and features modern handles.

Bathroom: Scary to dreamy

Dated tiles and shabby sanitary wares made this bathroom a scary sight before. Exposed pipes and tacky shelves didn’t improve matters. But a dramatic makeover has changed its look completely. New tiles in various shades of grey and a stylish sink unit create a splash of elegance here.

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