Matching the bathroom décor to each zodiac sign!

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Every bathroom has to be carefully planned to ensure that it suits sensibilities of family members and visitors besides lasting for several years without any repairs. Though thoughts about zodiac signs and compatibility are far from the mind while decorating any part of the house, everyone selects colors and décor pieces that are suited to personal preferences which are guided by zodiac signs.   

Whether we are believers or skeptics, seeing inspirational ideas is always interesting to know along with details of astrological traits of zodiac signs and try to uncover common trends and tastes, such as the recurring use of certain colors, shapes or styles, which may combine with personality and  ability. In today's article we bring you a selection of bathroom ideas, taking into account the general characteristics commonly associated with each sign. Do come with us and check out the bathroom we have identified for your sign, and see if your personal taste coincides with our choice!

1. Scorpio—Bold

Blessed with the strong characteristics of Pluto, Scorpios are known for being being bold and stylish. These lively beings like their home and hearth as much as the great outdoors. The rectangular bathroom is a mix of rustic and modern styles with simple round wash basins and artistic mirror with trendy lighting improving its style quotient.

2. Aries—Simple and practical

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars and associated with vibrant colors like red, blue, black, orange, yellow etc along with few neutrals and metallic tones that are in close proximity to these. Aries are always in a hurry on missions to save the world and it is always better to keep the bathroom simple and uncomplicated so the busy Ram can complete its business in the shortest possible time.  The natives of Mars will be happy in this tiny bathroom with plenty of natural light and fresh air and though the space is limited its open skylight and airy atmosphere is the perfect relaxing spot for a Ram native!

3. Taurus—Stregth and durability

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and is attached to home and hearth. For a Taurus, comfort and beauty is as important as earthly touches and industrial style lighting. This cozy and light toned bathroom is picture perfect for Taurus people as it meets their demand for undisputed quality and style with bunches of fresh flowers along the sink.

4. Gemini—Childlike enthusiasm

This air sign ruled by the planet Mercury is electrical and swift but is a child at heart which will always seek those objects more that are beyond reach or denied to it. Also referred to as twins, Gemini people are inconsistent and moody seeking constant change according to the dominant twin so the decor around them also needs to be changed according to existing state of mind. As their choice of color keeps oscillating the simple bathroom here is decorated with a mix of warm earthy tones and pastel shades.

The bathroom of the picture, in its disarming simplicity has the versatility and the softness of Gemini.

5. Cancer—Romantic and emotional crab

The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation Grand Design London Ltd Classic style bathroom
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The Broadway, SW19—Extension & Bathroom Renovation

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The shy crab is strongly influenced by the Moon and appreciates cool and soothing surroundings instead of bold and bright colors. The colors that dominate the crab's cozy home are white, beige, pink, blue and light grey which are fairly predominant here. The space may be small but the colorful wall paper removes the focus from space to layout that consists of recycled items like old sewing machine stand and door to the closet. 

6. Lion—Grand luxury

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a strong and exuberant individual that appreciates luxury and rich details around it.  The Lion natives love beautiful and expensive materials such as marble, crystal and cut stained glass and would appreciate a spa more than a regular bathroom. You are likely to find the latest shower gels, creams, bath salts and other essentials in a Leo's bathroom along with expensive bathroom accessories. Here is the perfect lavish bathroom that is perfect for a Leo to luxuriate in during bath time.

7. Virgo—Practical and sober

Virgo is a sober and peace loving soul that is extremely organized and loathes chaos of any kind. The perfect bathroom for Virgo here reflects the same appreciation for clean and minimalist decor. The pristine white essentials and muted lighting enhance the sophisticated simplicity of this trendy bathroom that even has a full length glass window.

8. Nothing but the best for Libra

The balanced Libran knows the true meaning of understated luxury and is inclined towards aesthetics and tasteful décor. What could be better for a Libran than a massive classic style bathroom with an elaborate bathtub and dresser style cabinets along the wash basin area?  Neutral hued stone tiles, wall paper and furnishings supported by a lavish crystal chandelier complete the effect.

9. Stone for the earthy Saggitarian

When space is a constraint like this small bathroom then infuse creative details like this colourful stone basin atop the counter and funky pieces of art. Eclectic styling even if it is in the bathroom is loved by the Sagittarian which does not lose any chance to make a style statement. Even if the wall is dark and spicy, the light toned floor and counter balances the effect.

10. Aquarius-modern and daring

Ruled by Uranus, the zodiac sign of Aquarius likes bold and futuristic décor along with strong colors and unusual combinations. Uranus. Aquarians are bright, bold and daring that treads the unconventional path so for them a colourful bathroom as this would be pleasing to their senses. Heavy dollops of aquamarine blue with touches of orange, white and red create the perfect atmosphere for the contemplative Aquarius.

11. Soft and mild Picean

Ruled by Neptune the god of the sea, the mild fish may love water and appear as a romantic dreamer but it is a keen observer that loves style and personality. An expansive Mediterranean bathroom like this with contemporary décor and natural wood floor provides both comfort and enchantment to the pretty fish.

12. Fabulous Capricorn

Capricorn like all other earth signs loves cozy, homely spaces with classic décor and somber colours.  Functionality and versatility of furniture is more important for the Capricorn than style and beauty so you are most likely to have sensible pieces of interior decor around you. The simple bathroom with classic lines and sizeable storage are details you will appreciate along with fabulous granite on the counter.  

Now that you have the bathroom designs in place we are sure you would like to have a look at accessories, so here are some Incredible shower boxes for your bathroom.

Do you think these bathroom designs suit your zodiac sign? Do let us know your views in the comments section.

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