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10 ideas to give your bathroom a splash of unique

Leigh Leigh
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The bathroom is one of the rooms that we use daily so it should be functional and aesthetically-appealing. It should not be neglected in the design process!

Furthermore, this room usually requires a little bit more creativity than most. There is no formula for the perfect bathroom, but there are tips and tricks that allow us to breathe new life into this space so that it's no longer just a functional room in the house.

That being said, functionality is also very important when it comes to designing this room. One should be able to move around the bathroom easily. It should also feature all of the right materials.

This is why today on homify, we've curated  a selection of 10 gorgeous bathrooms designed by top professionals from around the world. We hope they are fodder for your renovation.

1. Trendy in concrete

A bathroom featuring concrete optics is guaranteed to be unique and appealing. This material brings texture and tone to the space, while creating a very industrial-chic look and feel. Used in conjunction with modern elements and you end up with a simply stunning space.

2. Simple and effective

Again, functionality is key in the design of the bathroom.

Despite its simplicity, the white tones and clean lines work in harmony with the lighting in this space to create a very elegant yet functional space.

3. The shower

Replacing a bathtub with a shower can be a very beneficial idea! It creates much more space without losing any of the functionality.

The result is also a gorgeous space!

4. A new and bright bathroom

In this image, we come across a Mediterranean-style bathroom. The walls and floor are covered with tiles, while the wooden features bring a warm and earthy touch to the space.

Don't you love the cheerful environment the patterns create? You feel like you are relaxing by the sea!

5. The stylish spot

Here we can see just how simple a gorgeous bathroom can be. By exposing some of the raw brick, we have a very modern, chic and cost-effective design. 

Have you ever seen such an economically-friendly way to beautify your bathroom?

6. Mediterranean-style

 If you like a Mediterranean-style, this is another example of how well it can work in a bathroom.

Here blue tones have been combined with wood, creating a beautiful overall concept. The borders create a very striking effect, becoming the focal point of the space.

7. Wallpaper in the bathroom

Who said that wallpaper is forbidden in the bathroom? 

This is proof that a bathroom can be designers with wallpaper and still looks stunning! 

Tip: Go for moisture-resistant wallpaper that will last for many years to come.

8. The harmonious bathroom

Here we can see how a beautiful design was created by contrasting wooden elements with modern, white features. 

This design works flawlessly and gives new life to the space, while maintaining a cozy and quiet atmosphere.

9. Dare to go black

Black is a colour that is often underestimated in interior design. We can be nervous of using it in a space in case it makes the space gloomy and oppressive.

However in this image, we can see how many possibilities these tones hold. Black can bring a very noble and elegant touch to the bathroom, creating a wonderful ambiance. 

10. The all-white bathroom

You don't need to put too much effort into a spectacular bathroom. Any renewal of this space is an investment, but you can also make it budget-friendly while limiting yourself to one colour. White, for example, has a wonderful effect on a bathroom space while making it simple but effective.

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