Space and simplicity: a modern home

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 Today we’re taking a trip to Japan to tour a modern home that hides functionality behind an ultra-modern façade.  The home has an undeniably Western air to it, and follows few conventions of traditional Japanese architecture. However, it has a hallmark of its Japanese heritage: elegant simplicity. With warm wooden interiors and an enviable amount of natural light permeating through the home, its appeal relies on design more than décor. Let’s take a look…

A contemporary cube

 The cube-like home certainly stands out from the surrounding properties with their more traditional, pitched roofs and design. The interesting, intersecting shapes that compose the façade catch the eye, but the focal point is the attractive black polished brick wall that protrudes from the extended kitchen area. As well masking for a more dynamic appearance, the home’s structure allows for a sheltered parking space to be incorporated into the design.

Minimalist kitchen

 The design of the minimalist kitchen is simple and practical, with a long tiled counter housing a sink, and plenty of storage space provided by cabinetry overhead.

Simplicity, space and light

 The home’s exterior may be modern, but in the living room we find a few more traditional Japanese elements. The abundance of wood in the décor and minimalist style is quintessentially Japanese, with a traditional shoji screen separating the room from the patio outside. The shoji screen ensures that the room is filled with a fantastic amount of natural light, and when slid away the living room is directly connected to the garden outside creating a wonderful bridge between interior and exterior spaces.

Bringing the outdoors into the bedroom

 As with the lounge the bedroom benefits from plenty of natural light thanks to the glass doors that separate the room from an adjacent balcony outside. Effectively, the mountain scenery visible from the balcony becomes part of the room’s décor bringing the outdoors into the bedroom.

A different perspective

 Looking at the property from the rear we can appreciate how natural light and a connection to the outdoors are integral to the home’s design. From our vantage point we’re looking into the living room, and here we can see how wooden decking extends from the lounge into the garden providing a seamless transition between the spaces, as well as a great spot for a BBQ.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed tour of this unusual modern abode. Take a look at what the same architects manage to achieve with an old shed and some recycled materials in this astonishing transformation.

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