6 Ways to avoid diabetes with Vastu Shastra

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With the kind of lifestyle people follow keeping up with good food and healthy eating habits gets difficult. As a result, a lot of us are facing health issues like diabetes, bad immune system, or digestive disorders. 

Luckily, Vastu Shastra lays down some simple tips to avoid and control these health issues. In respect to preventing diabetes, Vastu Shastra emphasizes on the south-western direction or part of the house, and that it plays a vital role in governing the healthy vibes in the house.

Here are six factors to help you keep a check on for eliminating negative energies and adding positive vibes in your house to help overcome or prevent diabetes.

1. The garden should not be in the south-west

According to Vastu Shastra, developing a garden in the south-west direction of the house can be an invitation to diabetes. In fact, Vastu also says that you should not even keep small plants in this part of the house. 

So, if you have an indoor garden or a big garden outside the house in this section, it is advised to remove it from there and replace it elsewhere.

2. South-west portion should be smaller than the rest

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Living Rooms by Moda Interiors, Perth, Western Australia

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As per the guideline by Vastu Shastra to avoid diabetes, whatever part of the house falls in the south-west direction should not be bigger than the rest of the house. 

In simple words, the area of the room in this direction whether it’s the living room, kitchen or bedroom should not exceed the carpet area of the other parts of the house. If the room in the southwestern direction is smaller than the rest of the house, it is another factor for diabetes.

3. Lifts and staircases shouldn’t be at the centre

The heart of a house is termed as the place for God and is hence mainly connected with the health of the family. A living room or a drawing room in the centre is ideal, as these are places where the family comes together. 

Vastu Shastra says that heavy objects like staircases, and even lifts should be entirely prohibited from the centre of the house for good health.

4. Southwest should be more open

Another equally vital factor mentioned by Vastu to avoid diabetes is that the part of the house falling in the southwest corner should not be very small or compact in size. 

For instance, if you are planning to place a kitchen or pantry in this direction, reconsider the blueprint and trying putting it elsewhere. The health of your family is more important than the proper layout of your house.

5. Say no underground water bodies

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A contemporary industrial garden

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According to Vastu, any underground water storage in the southwest direction is a cause for diabetes. Swimming pools, water gardens, or even small ponds are a no for this section of the house. You can also contact a Vastu expert for more assistance.

6. Decorate with chandeliers

The heart of the house must be decorated with beautiful crystal chandeliers to invite good and healthy vibes for the family. The brightness and beauty of the same keeps the whole house energized and packed with positivity.

If these points were useful to you, click on the ideabook here.

Which one of these vastu shastra tips are you going to implement?

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