13 Ideas to add stone walls in your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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To add that special touch to your house it is not always necessary to adorn it with designer furnishings or decor. Sometimes just a little detailing here and there will make all the difference. For instance, only adding a textured stone wall in the living room, kitchen or even in a corridor will bring the desired look to the space. 

Check out 13 stunning ideas to design the walls in your home and adorn them with the perfect style.

1. Stone wall in the corridor

If you have been thinking since long how to decorate that wall in the hallway, then go for a stone wall. These work amazingly to spice up the area without getting into the hassle of enhancing the wall with hangings or wall paints.

2. Elegance in grey

Instead of designing the entire room with stone cladding, go for only one stone wall, at the staircase, behind the couch, or behind the dining table. Pick from the numerous overlay models to keep the look elegant yet contemporary.

3. Indoor garden with stone wall

You usually find stone walls in the open spaces or the garden areas. However, have you ever thought of adding one to the indoor garden you have? Or much better why not develop an indoor garden with stone cladding in the background.

4. Light it up, but from below

Incorporating a stone wall in your home is not enough to bring out its best look. It is imperative that you brighten it up with proper lighting options.

5. Take it from the top

Lighting up the stone wall from the above gives it a special effect and enhances the look. Instead of going for round, opt for square lights, as the latter gives striking shadows along with adding to the sheen of the texture.

6. Block walls

Make a style statement through black veneer block walls in your drawing room like in the image.

7. Stone wall for the TV cabinet

Living rooms make one of the best places to add stone walls for decor. You can add a stone covering on the wall with the TV cabinet or the fireplace.

8. Wallpaper as stone covering

If getting a stone wall is shooting up your budget, then you can opt for wallpapers which reproduce the same effect flawlessly.

9. Glass window with stone cladding

Cut out a glass window and cover the remaining wall with either stone or wallpaper to get the desired results. This is another idea to add stone cladding in limited budget.

10. Get the rustic look

Stone cladding with pebbles gives a rustic look to the environment with modernity. Use wooden flooring and furniture to bring warmth to the area. Get in touch with an expert for the best assistance.

11. A part of it

In fact, instead of cladding the entire wall in stone, you can also choose to cover just a part of it like in the image. The stone wall placed smartly between the two windows and with ideal lighting is looking stunning.

12. Play with contrast

Dark toned stone walls when clubbed with white or pastel shades on the other walls and striking colors in the furniture, is sure to take you by surprise.

13. Natural walls

Though it is better to opt for just one stone wall in a room, the entire room here built with natural stones looks gripping. However, if you notice, the area of the walls is quite less owing to the huge windows. Hence, the room does not look overdone.

If the above ideas have got your brain racking, then get more inspired with the ideabook here.

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most?

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