17 Spectacular living rooms that will inspire you to change yours

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Итальянский квартал, Alexander Krivov Alexander Krivov Classic style living room Turquoise
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Living room is a window into the inner world of the house’s owners that showcases their taste of finer things in life. Though it is the first place wherein guests are welcomed and entertained, it is also the family’s entertainment room with a large television and comfortable seating to relax with snacks to watch a favorite movie.  

To meet these multiple needs the living room should be both comfortable and stylish to delight guests and family members. In this ideabook we shall take you on a memorable journey through 17 of our best living rooms from across the world that will fill you with inspiration to renew yours with minimal changes.

1. Elegant and stylish

The stylish combination of grey L shaped sofas decorated with colorful cushions and low wooden coffee table brings finesse and nobility to this modern bedroom. Grey and black tones may make the region look somber and forbidding but the light wall and floor textures lend a cheerful air to the atmosphere in partnership with colorful silk cushions.

2. Youthful and exciting

Town House, Sussex., CHALKSPACE CHALKSPACE Classic style living room

Town House, Sussex.


There are no stringent rules about following a single color scheme in the living room and if you like to showcase your colourful side then try out something creative like the one shown here. This no frills living room replete with simple sofa, abstract art and funky designs is more personal and warm that defies mundane and collection of furniture and electronics.

3. Modern design with classic elements

Carefully appointed classic living room accessories and furniture bring a luxurious touch to the space. We like the attractive niches with small flower pots of different shapes and sizes that give the room a natural touch.

4. A modern room of neutral tones

The sobriety and cozy air emanating from this living room is achieved due to neutral and earthy tones of furniture, furnishings and also the overall background of stark white. Cozy sofas with multiple cushions create the perfect lounging ambience for companionship ideal for moments of merriment with family & friends.

4. Black and white beauty

Monochrome is among the most popular decor combination for modern living rooms as they require simple details and look sleek and elegant with minimal fuss. The eclectic combination of simple furniture and accessories laid out in uncomplicated style stand out among dressy living rooms loaded with expensive furniture.

5. Aquamarine beauty

The innate beauty of jewel tones has been artistically highlighted in this balanced living room that is supported by light toned furniture. The minimalist living room with mixture of white and grey details enters the league of modern design with the introduction of aquamarine hues in the form of cushions, ashtray and wall with mirrors placed in artistic patterns.

7. Romance of fairy tales

Doesn't the classic style living room with blue powder blue tones intermixed with white remind you of fairy tales replete with porcelain vase shaped table lamp, cozy sofas, and traditional fireplace with decorative mantel piece? The gloriously soft carpet set against warm wooden floor adds to the elegance of this room along with drapery style curtains and ornate chandelier.

8. In the lap of nature

When you are living so close to nature then enjoy the spectacular view of lush greenery and fresh air with glass window barriers like these that keep out the bugs but allow you to take advantage of natural beauty. With a backdrop as vibrant and colorful as this, all you need is neutral color palette and warm timber tones to complement the ambience.

9. Dazzling mix of colors and textures

The eclectic combination of bright and neutral colors was selected to fill this room with dynamic energy in keeping with the spirit of vibrant city outside. Modern sculpture and furniture creates a pleasing concept overall in trendy living room which is a bonus for your home.

10. Burnished hues

Burnished tones of orange and brown bring an air of cozy warmth into the spacious living room in partnership with natural essence from plants. We love the abstract art piece and artistic touches of silver candle holders oozing poise and elegance in an stylish manner.

11. Exotic jungle theme

Want to enjoy the pleasure of jungle life in the city without the hassle of bugs and animals? Here is a trendy way to adopt the atmosphere in your home by having a jungle themed living room. We showcase a worthy example that has been created here with landscape pictures of jungles and animals along with animal print cushions and carpet. The stately bonsai plant alongside the window completes the picture perfect living room.

12. Minimalist elegance

Like a touch of bohemian chic? Use minimalist decor comprising of simple sofas and pictures of leaders that inspire your sensibilities.  Grey sofas and teal settee gel nicely with wooden floor and neutral background blending neatly into the positive ambience created by the philosophical message stenciled on the wall in this minimalist living room.

13. Rustic elegance personified

This rustic air of wooden ceiling beams and open fireplace does not minimize the urbane elegance of this visually stunning living room that is a pleasure to behold and enjoy.  The high ceiling, and grey furniture with trendy stone wall separating the living room from the dining area makes the room look spectacular!

14. Mediterranean ambience

The ambience may be influenced by Mediterranean style with all white background and trees in the living room but the effect is balanced by feminine touches of colorful furnishings and cushions. The stylish layout and eclectic combination of colors brings refreshing harmony to the living room.

15. Magical earthiness of wood

Lucky 4 Ranch, Uptic Studios Uptic Studios Rustic style living room
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

The best way to have an impact making decor is to select a strong color or element like wood here to design the entire house. The rustic background of the house comprising of exposed ceiling beams, wooden staircase, railings and hardwood floor inspired the interior decorators to continue with the theme and bring forth the natural beauty of wood into the living room which is visible in the coffee table supported by cartwheels.

16. Radical design at its most inventive

The charming elegance of this bright toned sofa equipped with colorful cushions curved around a modern fireplace make the region snug and comfortable ideal for long discussions with family and friends. Open walls on two sides bring the outside in when the weather is warm and both grills can be completely pushed aside to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

17. Sophistication unlimited

The living room before us effectively balances classic features of deep sofas and fresh flowers with modern touches of electronics and recessed lighting in a harmonious blend of design.  With the combination of plush carpet and stylish curtains the living room is a picture of luxury and sophistication.

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Which of these living room designs do you wish to replicate in your house? Do let us know your wishes in the comments below.

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