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How to make your small kitchen beautiful!

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In today’s world of shrinking space, having a large kitchen is a dream. Isn’t it? Don’t feel sorry for yourself if your kitchen is small. You can still make the best out of it. In magazines and Homify pages there are numerous kitchen designs accessible. Take a cue and get inspired from it to make your small kitchen beautiful. 

 To make your small kitchen beautiful and comfortable, the first thing to do is to stop complaining about it. It will work, 100%! Have a positive attitude! Be a proud owner of small kitchen. Leave all complaints behind and start working to create an upbeat solution to all your problems. Instead of complaining about it, focus all your energy and creativity to transform this small space into a stylish and attention-grabbing kitchen.

In today’s ideabook, we have compiled the beautiful kitchen designs from Homify’s professional interior designers and kitchen planners. Each design is featuring different styles and colors. Become a fan of these stunning and unique kitchens!

​1. Vibrant colors can brighten the narrow spaces

One of the best color for kitchen is yellow! But not in pale tones or champagne color, it should be bright and vibrant! If your kitchen is deprived of natural sunlight, be bold in the use of yellow tone. Take an inspiration from this photo.  Here, the wall behind the stove and the floor are designed in exactly the same yellow tone. Two dark blue stools placed near the counter is further brightening up the space.

​2. Modernity gelled with the mid-century industrial style

Of late, the industrial style has become quite popular, especially among the young generation.  This style is a beautiful blend of stainless steel, raw- wood and brick for that medieval look. Here the refrigerator too looks like a reminiscent from that era. The retro look is completed with the old ceramic tiles on the wall.

Outcome: Excellent!

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3. Perfect rustic touch to the tiny kitchen

This small kitchen has wonderful rustic charm. The countryside homes usually have kitchen like this, small and functional. The house is entirely rustic and this small and comfortable L- shaped kitchen is in perfect harmony with it.

​4. Open plan… a good idea for small kitchens

The harmony in design, color and decor of the small kitchen created in living room should be in perfect sync. The relationship between the two areas should be seamless. This is the best way to have kitchen in a corner of the living room.

​5. Is your kitchen microscopic in size? No problem!

Of course, if you're not a regular cook, you don’t need a big kitchen. But still you need one for occasional cooking. This is an example of an all-inclusive kitchen that can fit in a dentist’s cabinet. The kitchen of this 41-square-meter apartment is hidden behind folding doors and is located right at the entrance. It is white, tidy and absolutely stylish!

​6. Every day materials can be a part of decoration

Lastly, we suggest that you throw away the old, crumbling, and unattractive items from your kitchen. Replace it with attractive new pieces. Use it to decorate the kitchen.  Stylish jars, regular kitchen cloths, beautiful scoops, knives, service sets… the decorative kitchen accessories strategically placed on the countertops and open racks can convert it beautifully!

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